Tuesday, January 21, 2014

One Minute Movie Review: The Way Way Back

Indie films, especially comedies, oft times overplay their hands either becoming overtly folksy, preachy, sappy, or so filled with "inside" jokes & introspection's that the audience is left scratching their collective heads & feeling slightly confused & greatly let down.    The formula & characters are usually so overly complicated & weighed down in symbolism & ideology that they disconnect themselves from the audience & lose all entertainment value.   I am very happy to report that this film does none of those things.  Simple, sweet, effective, heartfelt, authentic, and endearing in both story & performances this movie hits every mark in the exact right spot creating a heartwarming, sometimes painful to watch, & consistently funny picture that shines a genuine reflection of the broken family & its effects on both parents & their offspring.    The cast plays off each with such sincerity & realism that you get completely lost in their characters, relationship, trials, & joys.  It is a tad bit predictable & somewhat gooey at times, but overall it plays fluidly, naturally, avoiding any overkill or polarization.    Rockwell gives one of the coolest performances of his career assisted by quick & biting dialogue & a noticeable honesty in his portrayal of the mentor that is, in fact, a big child himself. Carell has become a master at either playing the reluctant hero or the total douche-bag, I won't spoil which one he achieves this go round.  Don't look for any so called "Oscar" worthy moments, this is a film that understands what it is & doesn't try to be anything more or less.  A gentle Dramedy meant to anger, inspire, engage, & be enjoyed.   Its just too bad many of these smaller budget, bigger quality films, get unnoticed. Even I didn't know it existed until I saw the trailer debuting before a terrible movie.  4 out of 5 Kernels: Living by the moral this film conveys, this flick finds its own path, right to success.

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