Saturday, April 26, 2014

Thrust together in a moment in time; a former soldier and noble cop hell bent on returning to his family, a bitter teenager who has given up on hope, jaded by her brutal past, an oncologist haunted by the loss of  his child and wife, an affluent socialite tormented by her choices, past, and the dire prognosis of her child, a young boy wise beyond his years, facing his own mortality, an arrogant attorney haunted by his father’s unrequited approval, plagued by dark secrets, and a former pastor whose faith will be tested beyond anything he could have imagined, suddenly and miraculously survive their diseases only to face the greatest and most harrowing battle of their lives desperate to find hope while facing possible extinction in a world that has experienced a horrific and unexplained transformation.
            ALEX TREVOR is a tough, rough around the edges cop who; survived combat in Afghanistan, becoming a top local Homicide detective, and overcoming a history that tried to crush him. He has a simple and sincere dream, to spend the rest of his life caring for and loving his wife, Sara, and raising their only daughter, Gracie. Now all he treasures and worked for hangs in the balance and the odds are clearly against him.
KAYLA YOUNG is the orphaned daughter of a crack whore. Her life has become the embodiment of contempt and rejection. She has spent most of her youth passed around in foster homes finding only abuse and isolation in a cold and soulless system instead of the family and stability she so desperately desires. She has been forced to become a rigid and cynical loner in order to survive. Now facing the final lag of her battle with ovarian cancer and Lupus she sees her life as just a pathetic waste of an existence and her death will be yet another unremarkable statistic.
DR. RICK FOSTER is a brilliant African American, oncologist who has dedicated his life to the fight against cancer.  He left a lucrative hospital position to start his own private clinic. He is a brilliant doctor whose passion for helping people is fueled by the premature death of his only son to the disease. Then the loss of his wife by her own hand as her son’s death was just too much for her to bear.
Dr. Foster’s favorite patient is a courageous and incredibly smart boy named JUDE RAYNE. He never ceases to amaze him with his inspiring resilience and unending optimism despite his fatal prognosis.
TARA RAYNE is an affluent socialite. She survived a highly publicized battle with breast cancer and became the hero and pillar of her wealthy gated community, the queen of suburban royalty. But now she is tormented by the fact that her only son Jude is suffering with leukemia. A condition she blames herself for.  Was it the cost of her haste to become a mother after the warnings and misgivings of her doctors?  She was determined and spared no expense, financing a birth that defied the odds. Was the risk worth the result? Now she sits here in this clinic helplessly, watching, her son, Jude losing his battle with leukemia and all the money in the world can’t save him now.
JACKSON MALLORY is a young, liberal, defense attorney who has become jaded and cynical thanks to his hopeless bought with liver cancer and the constant, oppressive hand of his overbearing, rich, ruthless, father.  He hates the man but couldn’t live without his money and unrequited approval.  At least that is what he has led everyone to believe.  He is trying to decide what is killing him the fastest, the disease or the darkness of his own soul.

PASTOR MATT SAWYER was cast from his position of leadership by his church because of his cancer.  It has allowed him to return to his roots, serving people.  He has lost his faith in the church but never in God.  His wife of ten years left him, but that only strengthened his resolve. His only goal now is to provide comfort and peace to others, things he has been unable to obtain for himself. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

The tag line, "Don't survive; live," originated from my mother who somewhat coined the phrase when she began her battle with cancer.  During the early stages of her illness, the doctors removed a mass from her liver believing that through the operation they could extract the source of the cancer before it was able to spread.  And, initially, miraculously it did so.   Before we knew how successful the procedure would be I had asked her if she was considering undergoing further treatments like chemo or radiation.   She surprisingly said no, that if the surgery was unsuccessful, then she would face any further threats without the assistance of those treatments.   When I asked her why, she simply told me, that she felt that it would do more harm than good, that the side effects would be so potent that her quality of life would be reduced to an unacceptable level.   Her ability to enjoy what might be left of her life was more important than any treatment that might only prolong the inevitable while making her day to day life unbearable.   She wanted to live, not just survive.    It made sense to her, and she fought off the cancer for nearly 3 years without the assistance of those treatments.  Before she died, she told me that she never regretted that decision, she enjoyed the time she had and appreciated every moment she was given.    She chose to live, on her terms, and not just survive based on her diagnosis.  
Another unique aspect of the story is that it occurs in real time, with no elongated breaks or vague and nondescript time lapses. I am hoping that this keeps the suspense at an ever increasing heightened level. I am not looking for cheap shock value or quick, fleeting frights, instead, a gradual slow burn that ignites a consistent and effective expanding level of anxiety for the reader. Even when there are moments of rest, I want the reader to be proverbially "looking over their shoulder," anticipating if and when the next jeopardy will occur.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I carried him to the chopper the day he got hit.  I held him until it landed.  I watched him take his last breath.  You know how in the war movies, how the two friends always get to say their goodbyes right before the other one dies.

Yah, that doesn’t happen!

It’s hard to reminisce when you are choking on your own blood.  I still hear that sound, especially at night.  It is a horrific memory.
Every now and then I get a whiff of that smell, it comes out of nowhere.  The stench of fresh burn wounds, blood, and dirt all mixed together.  He tried to scream, but nothing came out.  He was silenced by his pain.  I watched his eyes slowly gloss over as he faded away.  He sank into the abyss and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it.

 I pray I never see that kinda of terror and hopelessness again.

Alex Trevor reliving the moment he lost his best friend Boone.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

“Faith is finding hope when there is no evidence of it; faith is creating hope when none can be found. Faith is not surviving; it is finding a way to live, boldly, no matter what the circumstance or difficulty.” 

Matt Sawyer

Sunday, April 20, 2014

“The whole purpose of faith is to trust in God when everything around you tells you not too, to believe when it makes more sense to walk away."  "What good is faith if I abandon it every time I find myself unable to understand it?  My faith is the fact that I place my love and trust in God no matter what may happen.  That is what it means to me, and although it can be shaken or stretched, it will never be broken.”  

Matt Sawyer

Saturday, April 19, 2014

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My wife asked me today as to whether or not there will be a sequel to this novel.   The answer, unfortunately, is not that simple.   Although I have, what one might call, a sequel in mind for this story, I haven't put all the pieces together in such a way that I am truly happy with.  And the ideas I do have take the story in a vastly different direction.   So for now, I will say, that this story is the first in a collective work belonging to one universe that encompasses a projected eight more concepts that are in the works.   Each story stands alone existing without any assistance from any of the other projects; however, if one was to read the entire collection they would definitively see a discreetly told interior story line that affects the series as a whole.    Is that contradictory enough for you?  I am currently story boarding my next project and hope to officially begin it in May.  It should take a year to complete and publish.   I, of course, will keep you posted.

Friday, April 18, 2014

I wanted to write a science fiction novel that appealed to an audience that might not usually read science fiction. To create such authentic characters, rich in personality, with deep back stories that the reader could connect with, mentally forging an intimate  relationship that they would overshadow the theme and drive the reader forward in the story only because of their literal affection for those characters.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

About the Author:
Ronald J Rossmann Jr.  is currently a general manager for Lake Wylie Bowl and Bounce, a recently opened family entertainment center in Lake Wylie, SC., who is an avid science fiction and fantasy fan. 

Ronald J Rossmann Jr., is the oldest child in his family, having one younger sister, born in Rahway, NJ and then moving to Charlotte, NC as a teen.  His mother was an amazingly talented English teacher who succumbed to her three year battle with cancer in 2010.  His father is a successful auctioneer in North and South Carolina.  He has been endlessly fascinated with science fiction after it was introduced to him by his Uncle Phillip, a professor of microbiology at a local college in New Jersey who also lost his life to cancer. Together, they enjoyed such classics as The Thing From Another World, Them, and Forbidden Planet (among many others), films he still cherishes to this day.   He has worked in retail and restaurant management for over 20 years.  Since 2007 he has been involved in bowling center management which led him to his recent place of employment.  He currently resides in Charlotte, NC with his loving wife of 22 years, the woman he credits with all of his inspiration, his two children, and two dogs.  This is his first novel and he intends it to become a launching point for a much larger collective universe. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

This project was actually four and a half years in the making, inspired by my mom's battle with cancer.  I thought to myself, “why can't I create a story where someone dealing with the effects of the disease or a survivor of it is the hero in a science fiction style story.”   I struggled with a concept that made sense until, one day, riding home from work; it finally and quite spontaneously began to come together.   Once I was able to construct a basic plot line and establish several of the key players, I began putting pen to paper, or fingers to keys.  The development of the story took a full two years to assemble into a workable treatment, mostly due to the intricate character work.   The actual writing process took an additional two plus years to reach the point where it was publishable.   During that process the work took on a life of its own and I became progressively more pleased with the way it evolved.   Being a Sci-Fi fan-boy I wanted to ensure that the story appealed to a mainstream audience, instead of just a core group of like minded individuals.  So I went out of my way to create a science fiction concept designed for people who might not normally enjoy that style of storytelling.  That part was inspired by my wife.  In the end, I believe that the novel will reach a diverse group of people who will hopefully be engaged, shocked, moved, and thoroughly entertained.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The biggest struggle I had in writing this novel was whether or not to include the use of profanity. Most of the time, I feel, that the use of it, is laziness on the part of the author, going for shock value and alleged edginess over substantive dialogue or storytelling. However, in other cases, profanity actually plays an intense and integral part in defining the character(s) for the audience. The way a character(s) conducts themselves has a lot to do with where they come from, what they have learned, and how they perceive the events and people around them, just as these traits would affect individuals in the real world, dictating their form of conversation and expression. For some characters, based on their makeup, to exclude the use of "constructive or colorful" conversation behaviors would detract from their genuineness, reducing their connection with the reader and creating an inferior portrayal of said entity. For me, several of the characters required this element to be added in order for them to sound and feel truly authentic. The harshness, brutality, or tragedy of their lives and past would have almost demanded it. So I have zero remorse in developing believable identities that the reader can relate with using whatever tools or resources when and where available to do so. In the end, it will be the reader that will judge whether or not this was misplaced or a necessity.

A Novel Idea: One of the most unique and challenging aspects of ...

A Novel Idea: One of the most unique and challenging aspects of ...: One of the most unique and challenging aspects of this novel was the process of writing it from two perspectives, Alex and Kayla's, in a...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

One of the most unique and challenging aspects of this novel was the process of writing it from two perspectives, Alex and Kayla's, in alternating chapters. In the end, I think, it adds real depth, but during the process it proved to be very difficult as I had to be extra cautious in ensuring that the fluidity of the story lines remained intact. I certainly did not want to sacrifice story execution in the process of overt character development. In the end, I believe it was a win because it truly fleshed out the characters and made them feel more authentic, well worth the tediousness, time, and extra care it required to evolve them in a more creative and genuine way.

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I have already started on my second novel which should be available next year.  Thank you for your support.  

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One Minute Movie Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Russo brothers, Anthony and Joe, new to the action genre, bring us the best sequel to date in the Marvel Universe with this entirely engaging, uniquely unpredictable, and thoroughly entertaining installment completely shattering all expectations and utterly upending the core of this fantastically successful cinematic matrix.  I will reveal no spoilers, but it is safe to say that not only is the second Avengers effectively set up, but the TV phenom, Marvels' Agents of Shield, is creatively and fluidly drawn in, and, finally, Cap is given the treatment he truly deserves staying faithful to both his comic book mythos and the integrity and authenticity of the character.   I thought the first was an incredibly enjoyable homage of the cliffhanger adventures of old, ala Raiders of the Lost Ark, with a nostalgic, genuine, and fun look and feel.   This follow up creates an imaginative and convincing darker conspiracy atmosphere that not only absolutely entertains the senses, but has enough plot twists and turns to keep the mind guessing and doubting.    Chris Evans has defined the Cap, like Hugh Jackman has done with Wolverine, owning his on screen identity completely.  At the same time, Johannson's Widow is fleshed out, Jackson's Fury gets a bit more of the spotlight in a more meaningful way, and Redford's role is dynamic.  My only complaint, a little more development of Mackie's Falcon would have been appreciated, but I expect to see that occur in either the next Avengers or possibly Cap's third outing.  Stan's performance is both eerie and compelling, unfortunately, I can not say anymore than that without risking spoiler seepage.   As far as the FX goes they are some of the best I have seen on screen.  After the disaster that Iron Man 3 was, I have to say, I was worried about the direction that Whedon had decided to go in, looking like he might be finally striking, or least grounding out. Well, he hit a solid  triple with Thor: The Dark World, and an undisputed grand slam with this film.  4 out of 5 Kernels: funny, fast, sleek, sophisticated, suspenseful, and action packed, this is the total package.