Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Minute Movie Review: Bridesmaids

This is the first attempt at a testosterone fueled "chick flick" that I have ever seen. The writers and directors of this fem film must have thought that if a movie had women spouting continuous and meaningless profanity, added in bathroom humor, had a porn inspired intro to the film, and inundated the story with high school level jokes it would attract a male audience. Wrong. Instead, it is a goofy, highly predictable farce that could have been a fairly decent feminine focused comedy. I even heard some state, with a straight face, that this was the gal powered equivalent of the Hangover. In order to come to that nonsensical conclusion, one would have to be suffering from one or utterly unconscious while the film played. The characters display as much chemistry as stagnate water. Rather than an ensemble cast, the actors interact as if they are participating in some lame house party coming off disconnected and uninteresting rather than cohesive and engaging. The comedy and acting are like a lousy SNL skit if there are any more palatable ones and is more chaotic and unorganized than funny or compelling. The ending features a full performance of 1990's all gal group, and cure for irregularity, Wilson Phillips, which pretty much, puts a stamp on defining the whole mess that this film is. Overall, it tries to hard to be edgy and ends up over reaching so inept that it just becomes trite and ridiculous. 1 out of 5 Kernels: as far as quality and creativity goes, this film is a bridesmaid and never will be a bride.

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