Saturday, October 29, 2011

One Minute Movie Review: Captian America

This movie was so over hyped that it gave me considerable concern, figuring, that once again, the promotion would not match the production, and the fact that the comic book genre has now officially been done to death. I am happy to report, that this film exceeded all my expectations. Without giving away any spoilers, this movie is a return to the cliffhangers of the past that made the Indian Jones series such a success. The production quality is excellent, with an unmistakable nostalgic fee, through the sets, costuming, and cinematography. The origin storyline is fluid and marvelously designed. This feature attempts to fit a sizeable portion of the comic series into this first installment which is a bit ambitious but, for the most part, works it out. The character development is significant for a film of this type and the audience cheers for Rogers from the get go. The love story is a bit muted and predictable but is one of only a few weaknesses of the movie. The humor is appropriate, effective, and the character chemistry is strong and fleshed out. Hugo Weaving, again, plays a villain, the Red Skull, with the total dedication and emersion into his character that he portrays in all of his on screen identities. Chris Evens plays the Captain as he should be played, a true hero with the purest of intentions and ideals. Tommy Lee Jones is unquestionably brilliant as the tough, non nonsense, commander who delivers one liners with more impact than the Captain's shield. The costume revamp is one of the best I have seen. The action sequences are cool, sleek, and Bayesque. The story is straightforward but engaging and exciting. 4 out of 5 Kernels, by far the best comic book to film transition I've seen (and I am a huge Batman fan, the Keaton version, of course). Good to see the American Soldier as the good guys again, maybe Hollywood is finally learning its lesson.

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