Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One Minute Movie Review: Moneyball

To begin, any movie based on a true story has the definitive obstacle of becoming immediately predictable.  This can not be avoided as you are dealing with fact over fiction with very little creative license unless sacrificing the integrity of the events. The director's challenge is to make something that has happened in real life, more entertaining and engaging than the actual story without deviation from reality.  In some cases, this challenege overhwelms both cast and crew like such misses as the Fifth Quarter and The Perfect Storm. However, this film succeeds where others have failed. The story of the Athletics record breaking season is, of itself, exciting enough, but Miller so effectively fleshes out the story and characters it adds an entire new level. Pitt's performance is one of his best, the same is true for Hill, who thankfully, traded his goofy and juvenille past personas for a mature and serious role. The only missed opportunity is the lack of development of Beanes' relationship with his daughter. The attempt lacks both depth and an emotional connection with the audience which is unfortunate in an otherwise well rounded picture. Pitt and Hill definitely earned their Oscar nods. I don't know if the overall film reached the plateau of an oscar nomination especially going up against such real achievements as The Help this year. With that said, it is a good move that draws you in and keeps you invested. Beane's final career decison might keep you scratching your head, but his story is both remarkable and his legacy is unquestionable. 4 out of 5 Kernels; not a grand slam but definitely a homerun.

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