Saturday, July 7, 2012

One Minute Movie Review: This Means War

I have yet to find a chick/action flick that makes sense or truly mixes into a reasonable composite to gratify both he and she. McG, the director of both big screen reboots of Charlie's Angels and the downright awful prequel to Arnold's swan song, Terminator: Salvation, tries his misguided hand at it and, like most, fails. Chris Pines, the new Kirk, and Tom Hardy, the infamous Bane in the upcoming Dark Knight Rises, play rival CIA agents vying for the affection of the overrated Reese Witherspoon, the Drew Barrymore of the new millennium. This is just an unfortunate attempt at creating a lite version of the movie True Lies structured for the female set. Having two proposed super soldiers banter about like best girlfriends just does not work on any level. Witherspoon's performance is about as predictable, clueless, and just plain goofy as you can get. The romantic triangle is outdated and unentertaining. The attempts at humor wind up silly not funny. The action, though well choreographed, seems almost out of place, eclipsed by all the mindless dribble, lame date footage, and a pedestrian, bad guy revenge subplot. My suggestion, keep the chick flicks just that and secure the action trips for the mindless brutes as it should be. 2 out of 5 Kernels; my wife loved it, so after she reads this, it may mean war in our house.

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