Wednesday, July 4, 2012

One Minute Movie Review: The Grey

Joe Carnahan, director of the millenial take on the TV classic the ATeam, decides he would follow that far fetched action yarn with yet another more unrealistic action fare that is bar none the most depressing, gratutiously profane, and agnosticly inspired cinematic disaster on the books.  Frostbite sets in early on any hint of interest and entertainment from the onset.  Not only is the story implausible, it is downright silly, as if Carnahan, decided to mix the Howling with Stranded (and if you haven't seen the latter, you are not alone) and leave all reality and scientific reason in the snow.  The script is chaotic and incoherent with dialogue consisting of so many F Bombs that without them the actors would have had to make a silent movie.  Even Neeson who turns in an sbolutely mdeiocre performance.  This is suppose to be a thriller about surviors being hunted by a lupine menace, however, the wolf effects are fake and jukey at best.  Add into that a nonexistent character chemisty and a level of hopelessness that reaches peaks that Sir Edmund Hillary couldn't reach and you have one of those flicks that leaves you asking why, why did I just waste 117 minutes of my life.   There is nothing redeemable about this steaming  pile of wolf scat.  0 out of 5 Kernels: you may barely survive the boredom of this epic fail.

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