Monday, December 10, 2012

One Minute Movie Review: MIB3 (Men In Black 3)

Rarely is a third installment in a series able to capture the quality or potency of its predecessors and this film is no exception. The first law of the cinematic physical universe any sequel must obey is continuity of story. This conclusion to the franchise altogether violates that, and the plot itself has more holes in it than a Charlie Sheen alibi. Add in the lack of humor, charisma, and uniqueness that the first film was riddled with and the subsequent attempted, and this misstep goes down in the record books as just another Hollywood money grab. The key to these films was the chemistry between Jones and Smith, so what does the brainiacs who developed this story do, remove that element and throw in Brolin, who has all the charm and charisma of a bowl of cold oatmeal. Smith is overtly emotional, appearing as if he is going to burst into tears with every sentimental moment fail and Brolin tries so hard to imitate Jone's character that it comes off as just that, a bad karaoke like copy. Missing is all the quirky characters of the past as Sonnenfeld tries to create a darker, more elaborate production that just doesn't work with the spirit and style of what he originally created. The first was quirky and cool, the following a haphazard attempt to rekindle the comradery and witty banter of the first, and the closure is just not funny, unrelatable, and downright shoddy science fiction. Smith and Jones should both know better.  I bet they both wished they could see into the future to have avoided this disappointment. 0 out of 5 Kernels: a time travel tale that runs over time with a storyline that runs out of time all at the same time.

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