Wednesday, November 16, 2016

#JustaQuickiePlease: Nerve Review

This film took two directors to craft, which was two too many.  If you are a self-absorbed, entitled, social media obsessed teenager, this may be worth the 96 minutes.  If not, this is an excruciating hour and a half of everything that is wrong with modern culture addicted to the inane offerings of the internet and all the sites and outlets it encompasses.  Poorly acted and written, gratuitously flashy, I equivocate it to the cinematic version of jiggling shiny keys in front of an audience with the attention span of a moth on meth.  The only thing it does right, is it shines a light on how desensitized, selfish, and utterly uncaring this most recent generation has become, willing to watch friends and strangers risk life, limb, and integrity for their own morbid entertainment; think Mean Girls and Clueless meets The Running Man.  The story is so assinine and predictable that by movie's end you just don't care about the haphazard, unrealistic conclusion they attempt to push and preach.  Teen angst is a popular subject, although its hard to find any genuine and deserved ire among youth handed everything they could ever wish for from tech to music, to fashion.  Gone are the days of the Breakfast Club, Less than Zero, Pretty in Pink and their ilk, replaced by stories and characters as shallow as the civilization they represent.  0 out of Kernels; In this alleged high-stakes game of truth or dare, I'd choose good ole Monopoly or Clue any day.

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