Tuesday, April 12, 2016

#JustaQuickiePlease: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

One would think that conclusions, especially of an overtly stretched out, four-part series, should be epic in scale, story, and sweep.   Normally, one would be correct, but then the film version of the Hunger Games came along and utterly crushed that expectation.  However, this is not an isolated incident and occurs in most of the YA dribble that has tarnished the silver screen of late.  I have not read the books, so I am strictly analyzing this collection based on their movie interpretations, which I sincerely hope do not reflect the quality or integrity of their written counterparts.  In essence, the concept is both intriguing and boldly controversial, with the potential of becoming this generation's Animal Farm.  However, its film incarnations steal away all of the exciting, engaging, and disturbing facets, replacing them with over indulgent effects, stale action, mechanical dialogue, and lifeless characterization.  I have to say, without a doubt, this has to be the most boring feature I have had the displeasure of sitting through in the entirety of the franchise and, in fact, in the history of my movie viewing.  It just seems endlessly futile with each second of its run-time bitterly felt until the credits roll.  Even the impact of its solid twist of an ending is lost in its absolutely redundant and lazy script and performances.  You just don't care anymore, because the story and characters don't warrant it.  There are far too many ridiculous expositions and a deliberate focus on, what I can only imagine is, the most uninteresting parts of the story than true character development and palatable and meaningful conflict and tension.  This is the literal incarnation of disappointment.  0 out of 5 Kernels; The Mockingjay's wings were clipped by inadequate direction, careless writing, and unremarkable acting.       

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