Friday, April 22, 2016

The origins of the #Mercury...amalgam of The Vision & The Flash (Barry Allen)

It wasn't long after Tony Jordan became the #IronLantern then he decided to open a secret laboratory to conduct his continuing research far from the prying eyes of competitors, potential villains, and the government.  Knowing Ferris Tower was too recognizable, he created CADMUS, a highly advanced facility covertly nestled among the Rocky Mountains.  There he studied his alien tech, as well as, developed new projects in correspondence with it. 

Obsessed with the idea that we are no longer alone in the universe as if we ever were, he purposed himself to create defenses and weapons against any potential hostile extraterrestrial forces.   His very first endeavor was the Android B.A.R.R.E, or Biological Automaton Recon & Rescue Entity, pronounced Barry.  B.A.R.R.E's organic elements, cloned from Tony's DNA, surrounded a newly conceived metal alloy skeleton and perfected lab-grown organs, endowed with a digital mind based off of his J.A.R.V.I.S A.I.   His artificial offspring was animated using the modified energy from Jordan's Lantern. 

But Tony underestimated the power of this newfound force, and his creation evolved much faster, and with far more prowess and intelligence than expected.  By refracting the Lantern's fields, B.A.R.R.E was able to encompass many of the aspects of the Lantern's spectrum; will, compassion, hope, love, and life.  His sentience thrived and, using J.A.R.V.I.S' mainframe and its connection to near limitless data, B.A.R.R.E's comprehension grew exponentially, to indefinable levels.

Understanding the greater good, in a way humans are incapable of, B.A.R.R.E awoke to an impassioned need to serve and preserve humanity.  It is the existence, he believes, is the most important in the entirety of our universe, and the many that exist beyond our understanding.
Bestowed with the ability to transcend time in thought and literal speed, both on the ground and in the air, B.A.R.R.E, now self-aware, took on the moniker of #Mercury, the son of Jupiter and Maia and the Roman god of speed.   Instead of being a mere tool of Tony's, he became a true partner, grateful for his incarnation but wary of Jordan's true intentions. 

Among, Mercury's other abilities, he can harden his dermis to diamond-like durability, travel back and forth through time and dimensional breaches,  process thought and data at quantum rates, and produce energy blasts from his limbs when acquiring enough of the Speed Force that the Lantern energy had tapped into.   The Speed Force is an immeasurable dynamism, by our scientific standards, that exists under its own physics.   Once accessed, by the rare individual, it alters their metaphysical form allowing them near absolute control and defiance over and of our physical universe as it applies to; speed, inertia, density, gravity, velocity, and tangibility.   However, Mercury was not alone in his induction to this bizarre force.   There are others who too, possess its potency, in various forms, and more have nefarious intentions.
The most dangerous of these entities is his brother, in fabrication, #UltraZoom.  With the success of Mercury, Tony became greedy to develop more like him and foolishly duplicated the experiment using more power and less caution.  The result was an entirely inorganic monster possessing all the same intelligence and abilities as his predecessor but deriving his energies from the negative spectrum of the Lantern's fields; fear, rage, and death.   Adopting the mantle #UltraZoom to mock his manufactured sibling, he escaped the facility, existing mostly within the steady drift of the Speed Force.  He only emerges to wreak havoc on humanity; the existence he feels is most lethal to the entirety of the cosmos.  In his warped mind, humans are a virus, to which, he believes himself to be the ultimate cure. 

It was soon after Tony's abject failure that he closed CADMUS and returned all projects to Ferris Tower.   Unbeknownst to him, #UltraZoom revealed the location to Jordan's greatest competitor A.I.M, who took possession of the facility and began its own experimentation using what their team knew of Tony's existing tech.  There, they co-opted with the unified militaries of the world to create radical solutions to both the new threats of; super villains, hostile alien encounters, and the neutralization of #TheLeaguofAvengers, if ever necessary.  It is at the newly resurrected CADMUS that many of #TheQuiver's former comrades were taken after allegedly killed in battle. 
Mercury joined #TheLeagueofAvengers after their first battle with #Hades and his alien army the Kree.  Once he joined, Ultra Zoom permanently left the confines of the Speed Force to assist #TheLegionofHydra in their dominion of the world and destruction of #TheLeagueofAvengers.  It was during his final battle with #UltraZoom that #Mercury was mortally wounded, and upon his deactivation, transferred his essence to a young man named Victor Allen, a Central City CSI, to carry on his work. 

Allen became the new #Mercury and used his abilities to search for the man who murdered his mother and framed his father for that crime. That criminal was yet, another evil Speed Force user calling himself the #Hermes or Eobard Thawne.   Thawne was a human transformed into a Speedster via an accident while testing a particle accelerator he had invented.  The device tuned into the Speed Force and endowed Thawne with all of its potentials.  However, Eobard does not possess many of the abilities that Vision has.  In order to supplement his missing abilities, he replicates the Lantern's evil energies through a high-tech, mechanical suit he wears.  Although the armor does not provide the same intensity as #UltraZoom's connection to the Lantern's fields, Thawne's cunning still allows him to utilize the decreased potency to his advantage.  When not assisting #TheLeagueofAvengers, Victor, and his friends at Ferris Labs, attempt to capture and contain Thawne, as well other, infamous metahumans who run rogue from #TheLegionofHydra but cause equal amounts of collateral damage.

#Mercury's connection with Tony is only as acquaintances and the fact that Jordan provided Victor with his own facility to study the Speed Force.  Allen must transform into #Mercury, which depletes his metaphysical energies, meaning he can only remain as #Mercury for limited spans, ranging from hours to a few days.  His motley crew is working on extending his time as #Mercury without permanently damaging Allen's atomic structure.  However, when he is #Mercury, he obtains all of his benefactor's powers and wisdom, sometimes losing himself to the former's persona.  It is another facet; his team is trying to counteract for fear B.A.R.R.E's identity might eventually eclipse Allen's.

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