Sunday, March 31, 2013

Untitled: For Easter

No matter how many wounds I may suffer.
How many scars I may gather.
How many tears I shed.
How many drops of blood that may fall.
No matter how many enemies scorn my name.
How many friends may betray me.
How many careless words haunt my ears.
How much pain I will overcome.
Or suffering I may face.

None compares to what Christ endured for me.
None compares to the price in blood and agony he suffered for my sin.
None compares to the tears His Father shed as he watched His son tortured for a people who continue to malign his Name.
None compares to the love of a God who would die so that we may live.
None compares to a Savior whose every thought is of us, even when he never crosses our minds.
None compares to a name that will forever be above all names.

I love you Jesus, you are Lord of my life.
If anyone may doubt that I declare it now.
But not just with my voice, let it be my life as well.
As for me and my house we shall serve you.
It is your grace that I treasure above all else.

For you were pierced for my transgressions.
Bruised for my iniquities.
By your stripes I have been saved.
By your blood I have been cleansed.
By your pain I have been set free.
By your tears I have found absolute joy.
By your words I have found truth.
Through your care I have found the truest of friends.
By your example I can forgive.

Not for any other reason.
Not anything I could have earned.
Not because I am worthy, I am not.
Not because I deserve it, I deserve the just recompense for my sin.

But simply because you loved me first.
Just as you love everyone.
Ask and you shall receive.
Seek and you will find.
Knock and the door shall be answered.
None left behind, who seek your face, your grace.
The only lost are those who chose not to find when called.

Thank you Lord Jesus.
In a world of doubt, never ending cynics.
I know who you are.
You are never ashamed of me.
I shall never be ashamed of you.
May my life glorify you in every way.

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