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World's Deadliest Warrior: Marvel Vs. DC Edition...Captain America vs. Batman

World's Deadliest Warrior: Marvel Vs. DC Edition...Captain America vs. Batman

How would the Caped Crusader fair against the ultimate patriot and superhuman soldier known as Captain America?  Who would win in the ultimate battle to the death?  Can a rogue millionaire vigilante with a gaggle of gadgets and superior fighting skills defeat a timeless warrior beefed up by a special serum and an unrelenting desire to defend freedom?   Can the real American hero destroy a man driven by the pain of his past who extinguishes evil using the shadows and his unique urban combat skills?  Let's match them up, power to power, strength to strength and see which legendary comic book hero can achieve victory in one of the greatest what if battles of all time.  

The two columns below list the offensive and defensive strengths of both warriors.  Let's take a look at how they stack up.

The Breakdown:




1) Martial Arts and Urban Combat. 

In multiple incarnations,  he has been trained by Ra’s Al Goul (as an assassin),  Richard Dragon (the martial arts master), and Zatara (escapist extraordinnaire).  He is equally effective at close and long range, adept in battling in any environment.

2) Stealth Tactics.

Most of the time you won’t see or hear him coming and when you do it’s already too late.

3) Utility Belt.
A plethora of weaponry and tools at his immediate disposal.  Below is just a short list.

(list courtesy of

Infrared flashlight
Infrared ordnance
Smoke capsules
Fingerprint analysis kit
Forensic analysis kit
First aid kit
Lockpicking tools
Kryptonite ring
Tear gas pellets
Micro-processor power source
Micro-recorder (updated regularly)
Batline spool + grappling gun
Miniature Laser torch
Bat-shaped handcuffs
Various incendiary capsules (including plastique and thermite)
Rebreather and gas mask
Cryo capsule
Toxin illusion of death
Mini explosives
Light Grenades
Anti fire foam
Grenades iron filings
Silver nitrate
Ultrasonic transmitter (to attract bats)

And don’t forget the infamous and all important Bat-A-Rang

4) Planes, Boats, and Automobiles.

Let’s face it, the dude owns the coolest rides on the planet, which are extremely useful in; taking on armies of thugs, combat on various terrains, and scoring lycra or leather coated hotties.


1) Body Armor.
The suit isn’t just bad ass, it’s functional.

2) The Cape.

In later manifestations, the cape can actually become rigid and be used as a glider or weapon.

3) The Cowl.
In various forms, can possess night vision gear, a gas mask, and infrared abilities.

4) The Gauntlets.

Again, not just for decoration, those angled protrusions are sharp and quickly get to the point.


1) He’s Human.

No super powers mean it’s wits and will alone.

2) The Cape, Cowl and Costume.

The potential to become rigid aside, it’s still a cape, which makes it a liability.  Cowls limit peripheral no matter how high tech.  The costume is bulky, and despite being bullet proof, it is not impenetrable. 

3) Limited by his Cause.

Although he is trained to kill and has the skill sets to do so, and his consistent teetering between justice and retribution, this Dark Knight brings his baddies in alive to be dealt with by the system.  Add in the fact, that despite his extensively stocked Utility Belt, the winged avenger doesn't use guns.

4) Sidekicks.

In the more edgy incarnations, the Bat flies solo, but throughout his legacy, he is typically assisted by a young ward.  This can be a benefit with multiple opponents and a hindrance if that help is relied upon to heavily. 

The Breakdown:

Captain America  

1) Superhuman strength. 
This guy can bench press 800 lbs.

2) Superior Agility, Endurance, and Senses.
The liquid power up he was given makes him a fierce opponent for any enemy combatant. 

3) This Guy Knows Combat.
He’s fought in wars throughout history, trained in all forms of Martial Arts, Judo, boxing, and gymnastics.  He is the entire UFC rolled into one guy.

4) Then there is That Freakin’ Awesome Shield.
Made of Vibranium-Adimantium, a concoction of the two strongest alloys in the Marvel Universe, when thrown, it can slice through the air with surgical precision and maximum impact.

5) Have Gun Might Travel.
He will use a gun if he has to and has done so in the past.


1) That Freakin’ Awesome Shield Again.
Just as effective in repelling as expelling the baddies.

1) Enhanced Healing and Immunity.
He’s no Wolverine but his system repairs faster than any mere mortal.


1) The Costume Ain’t Subtle.
It’s a star spangled bulletin board.

2) Oversized Sense of Justice.
Although he is a soldier first, and trained to kill when necessary, Captain Steve Rogers is a purist.  He dogmatically believes in freedom and will go out of his way to defeat his foes but not end their lives. 

3) Team Player.
Cap works best as the leader of his team, alone he is amazing, together with his Avengers he is virtually unstoppable.  That reliance may have caused too much dependence on the group dynamic. 

     There have been so many incarnations and adaptations that to make this work, we have to pour all their mythological and serial aspects into each champion and then create a warrior scenario that will work on every level.  With that said, we have Batman as the true Dark Knight, tough as nails vigilante who works alone among the shadows with a streamlined but equally effective Utility Belt  and Captain America, full on super soldier defending and avenging freedom and liberty at any cost.  Let the deadliest battle in earth's history begin.

                     Being informed by S.H.I.E.L.D that Hydra is forming a small but deadly new cell in a strange city called Gotham, Rogers, aka, Captain America investigates an abandoned factory in the dark and gloomy city.  He has been told that the plant is being used to create a deadly toxin designed for an imminent terrorist attack.  He arrives at night and begins to assess the building when he sees a dark and cloaked figure entering the premises through a side door.  He moves in closer and stakes out a second story window via a fire escape.  The caped form inside is skulking between large crates in between the shadows.  His black as night costume and unique cowl makes him a prime candidate for one of Hydra’s warped thugs.  Cap enters the building through a broken out window.  The dark figure stops, he must have heard him; he then quickly disappears into the blackness.  Cap slowly moves toward a staircase and descends quietly to the bottom level where he last saw his target. 
                   With visibility limited, Cap listens carefully for the slightest sound of movement in the vast building.  “What is this, “Batman thinks, “Some new star spangled psycho.”  Batman knows this factory is where the Joker has concocted many chemical horrors in the past, and this brightly colored buffoon matches his arch nemesis’ flair for over dramatic and comic costuming.  It has to be one of the clown prince’s new thugs.  After tussling with the Joker’s henchmen all day, Batman is in no mood to prolong this potential encounter.  He reaches into his Utility Belt and retrieves a light grenade and arms it.  He waits until his target walks within the correct distance and hurdles the explosive into the middle of the room.  It detonates before Captain America is able to react, filling the entire room with a blinding flash.                                                                                                                         Without a second to lose Batman springs from his hiding place and delivers a flying kick to the torso of his opponent sending him crashing to the floor.  Cap is actually briefly winded by the blow but recovers and raises his shield to avert a second strike from his new found rival.  Batman strikes the shield with full force of his kick.  He stumbles back, his leg throbbing in pain.  Cap rises and delivers a full on uppercut that sends the Bat reeling into the air and then flat on his back.  Cap regains his footing and takes a defensive stance ready for his enemies’ next attack.  Batman is stunned by his adversary’s prowess and answers with a barrage of mini Bat–A-Rangs that streak by Cap.  Cap is able to deflect most with his shield, but one braizes his shoulder creating a deep and long laceration.  Batman jumps back to his feet and rushes his foe, he delivers a Superman style punch, but again, Cap catches him with his shield mid air.  He delivers a powerful strike sending Batman into a nearby wall.  Batman slams into it with force but spins and rolls a smoke grenade onto the floor right by Caps feet.  Cap is immediately engulfed in a thick grey cloud. 
             Cap is disoriented and receives a substantial blow to the side of his head and then another roundhouse kick to his ribs.  He swings his shield wildly, but it misses and Batman answers with series of rabbit punches that hit with near surgical precision.  Another barrage of kicks and Cap is down.  Batman fires his mini grappling, and it wraps around Caps arm that is holding his shield.  He jerks the Batline and Cap’s shield flies clear across the room.  He retrieves a high powered Tazer from his belt and rapidly kneels down and delivers a full shock to Caps neck.  The weapon hums violently as the maximum voltage is delivered to Caps body.   Cap lays there still and lifeless.  The Tazer did exactly as it was supposed to and although this costumed character proved formidable, the battle is done.  Batman grabs his Batcuffs and attaches one part to Caps right wrist. 
              Before he can complete the task, Cap’s eyes open and he swings his left arm around grabbing Batman’s arm.  He pulls Batman over and thrusts his knee into the Bat’s chest.  Batman is winded and gasps for air.  He begins to pummel the caped fiend in the head with his fist over and over again.  Batman attempts to recoil but is unsuccessful, and Cap flips him over.  Captain America’s ability to heal quickly has served him well against Batman’s weapon.  Cap jumps to his feet and delivers a roundhouse kick of his own to the now kneeling Batman.  Batman’s only hope now is his cape, he activates its control, and it stiffens absorbing some of the power of Caps strike.  But Cap punches straight down onto the top of the Bats head.   Batman spins around in an attempt to take the legs out from under his opponent, but his opponent is too quick.  He jumps up avoiding the sweep and lands another full powered punch to the Caped Crusader’s cranium. 
                 In a last ditch effort to free himself from the beating, Batman releases his final light grenade after shielding his eyes with a special protective lens concealed in his cowl.  Cap is blinded again, and Batman delivers a swift kick to his ribs sending him back again.  Batman rises and with what little strength he has left delivers a barrage of martial art style strikes to his foe.  Cap defends, as best he can without being able to see his opponent, but Batman is fast and accurate.  Despite Cap’s superior strength, it is Batman’s agility and speed that now dominate the competition.  “How is this guy able to recover so fast, “Rogers thinks as he takes repeated hits from the Dark Knight?  Caps sight begins to return, and his defenses become progressively more effective, yet Batman is unwavering despite his ever increasing fatigue.  The wear of the battle and his foe’s strength is beginning to fracture the Bat’s resolve. 
                Batman grabs an over head pipe with both hands and drop kicks his foe directly into the chest.  Cap stumbles back and the Bat drops and swings with his gauntlets.  The sharp protrusions slice through Caps uniform and leaves deep gashes in his chest.  The pain is incredible, and without mercy Batman adds another solid drop kick.  Cap stumbles and falls back, sitting on the floor and his vision still blurred he can barely make out his shield laying only feet from him.  Batman delivers a roundhouse kick to Caps head.  Cap slumps to his side, but swings his feet around and succeeds in taking out his foes legs.  Batman falls to the ground, and Cap kicks him solidly in his stomach on the way down.  Years of combat and Rogers has never faced an enemy like this, with such stamina and skill.  Who is he?  Cap scrambles to his feet and towards his shield.  The Bat tries to recover, but the pain is rumbling harder and louder through his body. 
                Batman rolls over and tries to rise to his feet.  This fight cannot continue, it has to end.  Recovering a gas pellet from his belt, he simultaneously actives the gas mask under his cowl.  “This stuff will knock anyone or anything out, “he grimaces.  As he turns to release the pellet, he sees Cap back on his feet holding his shield.  Cap spins quickly and releases the shield with everything he has left.  Batman doesn't even have time to activate the device in his hand before he is struck by the soaring armament.   The shield delivers a concussive blow to Batman’s head, striking it with the force of a car travelling at 45 miles per hour.  It crushes his skull instantaneously, the sharp shrapnel from the bone shredding his brain.   He collapses to the floor as the dormant pellet falls from his lifeless hand.   He lays there on the floor, blood pouring from his nose and mouth, with no time to release a last gasp. 
              Cap cautiously approaches his fallen enemy, a pool of deep red blood steadily forming below his head.  He picks up his stained shield and stands over the caped villain.  He kneels down and checks for a pulse, there is none.  He has won but at what cost?   The factory was undoubtedly a ruse, the information was compromised, and there was no one here, but the two of them, brought together by a sick twist of fate.  But who was he? 
          Cap calls in the rest of the Avengers, and they explore the location thoroughly to find nothing.  S.H.E.I.L.D was wrong, but how, and why?  Furthermore, why was his foe there, as well?  Days later Rogers discovers the truth about his caped assailant.  He is shocked and utterly devastated by the information.  Haunted weeks later by his actions and the knowledge that he has now left the city of Gotham defenseless against its myriad of criminal monsters he knows he must right what he has wronged.  Intentional or not.   Maybe a former team member may be a suitable substitute.  A mysterious rogue himself, propelled by his own tragic past, the parts he remembers.  Or maybe he can find someone better equipped, adapted for such tormented city.  But is he just a myth or could he indeed exist.   If so, could the Dark Knight be replaced by the Dark Claw?


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