Tuesday, April 9, 2013

One Minute Movie Review: The Vow

For a rookie director, this was not a terrible outing.  For Channing Tatum, not one of my favorite actors, it is probably the best performance of his career to date.  For a film based loosely off of a true story, it plays well, and the elaborations required to fill any plot gaps are quite reasonable and believable    It is a chick flick, however, so expect some level of sappiness, however, it is well scripted and acted.  The chemistry between McAdams and Tatum is genuine and endearing.  The story is engaging and surprisingly, somewhat unpredictable.  The remaining cast is a bit shallow and type cast, but they do the best they can with what little crumbs that are left by the presence and potency of the leading team.   The side story is solid but too abbreviated, so it doesn't truly enhance the overall product.   3 out of 5 Kernels; not one I would re watch, but for a romantic one nighter, it delivers for the most part.

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