Sunday, July 12, 2015

#JustaQuickiePlease: Fury Review

Disturbingly realistic, so much so, that many times it is truly tough to watch.  This gritty, ultra-realistic fact-based war movie is one of the best of the best as far as raw authenticity with stellar performances from the entire cast.  Undoubtedly both Pitt and LaBeouf's crowing achievements as actors and what I hope to be an amazingly inspired, true launching point for the young Lerman.   Exquisitely written and acted, this harsh, vulgar, & unmistakably brutal depiction of tank combat was constructed out of a collective of true accounts from our brave, often forgotten, WWII veterans.  For the most part is a tribute to our soldiers who literally faced hell and death on a moment to moment basis.  Of course, The LA elite tries, through some veiled references, to portray some of our boys in uniform as barbarians and potential rapists.  That sad facet is the only blight on this otherwise well crafted and executed military feature.  What an utter shame it is that Hollyweird has such a noticeable disdain for those who provide them the very liberties to exist at all.  Director Ayer, who is known for excessively violent dribble, finally earns major credibility and his probably enormous paycheck with this indisputable success.  4 out of 5 Kernels: God bless the men and women who preserve and protect our freedoms amidst the eviscerating, unimaginable chaos, pain, and utter savagery of combat.

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