Tuesday, March 4, 2014

One Minute Movie Review: Parkland

The account of the JFK assassination, which is one of the most pivotal & tragic moments in US history, has been recreated to a point of ad nauseam, examined from nearly every conceivable angle & perspective, & cycled through any & all plausible to downright ludicrous conspiracy theories, with very little left of the story to tell in a new, fresh, or innovative way.   Then along comes author Vincent Bugliosi & this feature, based on his novels, Reclaiming History & The Assassination of President John F Kennedy, & completely shatters my prior statement.  This picture, directed by Peter Landesman, his debut in the big chair, by the way, brings us several differing but acutely focused & emotionally charged vantage points ranging from the hospital staff that treated Kennedy in his final moments, to Zapruder, the man who took the most famous & infamous 8 mm film in history, to the team of loyal, almost zealous, Secret Service agents, & finally the Oswald family, zeroing in on Lee's brother & his reaction to the consequences to one of the darkest day's in our collective memory.   The storytelling is majestic with acting, by this stellar cast, that is inspired and deeply authentic.  It is  filmed like a docudrama, with a scope & sweep that is so genuine, realistic, & moving that it is, at times, difficult to watch.   To single out one performance is futile, as every character, whether main or supporting, has a powerful & lasting impact for whatever length they serve on the silver screen.   An absolute masterpiece of a movie that brings you into the midst of the tragedy itself & its gut-wrenching aftermath.    5 out 5 Kernels: without a doubt one of the best films of 2013 that you may have never known existed.

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