Wednesday, October 16, 2013

One Minute Movie Review: 42

Not since The Natural have I seen a more authentic, passionate, engaging, and emotionally energized film about America's favorite past time.   Brian Helgeland, who directed two of my favorite films of all time, A Knight's Tale starring Heath Ledger and Payback with Mel Gibson, (pre mental breakdown), brings us one of the most well written, phenomenally produced, biopic on the life of the greatest athlete of all time, Jackie Robinson, who stepped of the bus of the Kansas City Monarch's and into history.   Chadwick Boseman plays Robinson with absolute genuineness and heart, as does Nichole Beharie, who portrays his wife Rachel. Harrison Ford gives the performance of his career, as Branch Rickey, and that is saying a lot with his illustrious resume.   The film inspires, angers, and tells a story of a man who changed the face of professional sports and the hearts and minds of a country.   It makes a remarkably clear point that in addition to the immeasurable impact he had on the advancement of  civil rights in America, Jackie Robinson wasn't great because he was black, he was great because he was Jackie Robinson.    Nowadays when so many try to play the victim and use race to further personal ideologies, 42 reminds us all that there was a terrible time in this country where inequality was a dreadful nemesis, and during that time, individuals rose up to prove, one person can make a difference. They formed and shaped equality bringing us all to look at people as individuals, rising this nation above its past sins.   It is such a shame, so many take that for granted and erroneously invoke the names of giants to further their own agenda and gain that has nothing to do with providing opportunity or assistance to those who actually fight the good fight.   42 is an extraordinary film in every way; script, story, character, dialogue, realism, and scope.  5 out 5 Kernels: This time Hollywood hits a grand slam, let's hope its not a fluke but a trend.   

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