Wednesday, February 26, 2014

One Minute Movie Review: The World's End

This is the third installment of Edgar Wright's eclectic trilogy starring, most notably, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost. For the sake of time and length of this review, you can Google Wright and his cast to explore their prior exploits.  The three letters that best describe this alleged final outing is WTF, which is a running, or should I say, limping, gag throughout the picture. It was hard to review this flick, because, unlike other films which I strictly critique based on their merits, production values, and definitive content, with this movie I find myself at a weird loss.  I just did not like the film, not because it wasn't written or acted well that the plot pieces didn't fit together snugly, or even the trademark British quick wit which was founded by the pioneers behind script shows like Monty Python's Flying Circus or series such as Faulty Towers.   Again, Google them if you are lost by this point.  For me, it just seemed like a goofy concept that didn't really deserve a cinematic treatment. Now, the performances were solid, authentic, and somewhat endearing.  The humor was mild but decently effective providing a few moments of sharp and fluid dialogue. However, the story was frustratingly eccentric, bordering on silly, which, believe it or not, I truly think was the goal.  Being such a fan of the Brits and their unique and biting comedy, I thought I would utterly enjoy this farce.  Rather, I found myself, just slightly entertained but mostly disappointed believing, with this ensemble cast of characters, it would be a truly creative and funny film. I was so very wrong.  1 out of 5 Kernels; an assumed Sci Fi spoof that focuses on a bar crawl among childhood friends, as far as attention span goes it ends up barely crawling at all.

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