Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Story of #TheThreeRings

The story of #TheThreeRings

Many people ask me about my three unique rings and the typical narrative I provide refers to a character in one of my upcoming novels.   But there are far deeper reasons as to why I chose them and what they truly represent.

The first ring is my gold wedding band.  It represents a marriage that has been carefully and beautifully crafted with patience.  Forged both in happiness and sorrow with the sincerest devotion  as it was intricately shaped into an endless reminder of the wonders and blessings of love.

The second ring represents my daughter Jessica.  A silver band both strong and elegant, like her marvelous spirit.

The third ring represents my son William.  An elaborately ornate sturdy silver band that symbolizes integrity and creativity.  Two things, I pray, I will instill deep into his soul through my own example, forever ingrained like the tedious etchings of the ring's surface.

The rest of my fingers are bare because there is no adornment comparable to the priceless treasures bestowed upon such an unworthy soul.

Three rings that define me, reminding me always of how rich I truly am.

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