Tuesday, March 24, 2015

#TheCrux Promo Spot: Not Your Hero

‪#‎TheCrux‬ ‪#‎TheCruxbreakstheinternet‬ I am proud to announce the premier of our first promo spot, Not Your Hero.
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This Promo Spot for my newest science fiction/horror novel The Crux, which will be available June 2015. For more information check out my author page www.facebook.com/lostroadtohope and follow me on Twitter @LostRoadtoHope. This was filmed with zero budget thanks to the selfless efforts and talents of some of my closest friends.
It is where the crossroads of magic, science, time, and space meet that the Crux exists and the greatest fears of men reside!
The novel has been a 27-year labor of love resulting in a story combining epic science fiction with dark humor and abstract fantasy. It features thirteen distinct and exceptional characters creating a rich, complex, and utterly original tale that will thrill, entertain, and challenge everything you think you know and believe about life, death, fear, fate, and hope. To give you a quick taste, some of the characters include: a young and conflicted Samurai, tormented vampire, psychotic fairy, and vengeful ax wielding corpse, so there's that. The first in a series of six novels this primary installment features an elaborately engaging introduction to the franchise. It thoroughly utilizes all that I have grown to know and love about science fiction while turning scientific theories, philosophy, and religion inside out and upside down.

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