Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Introducing #WickedWabbit

I am VERY excited to announce my first collaboration with the extremely talented Lance Footer​ as we bring his amazing character, #WickedWabbit, to life.  It is sure to be something #wickedlyawesome!  

In the next few days, I will be posting a brief bio of this new and unique anti-hero who is sure to become a strong and complex female icon among the comic community and culture. 

In the meantime, allow me to briefly introduce you to a truly gifted artist with one of the most inspiring stories of overcoming adversity to follow and achieve your dreams and #beyourownhero!

Lance Footer was born with low vision which left him legally blind.  That, however, did not damper his deep desire and unmistakable talent to draw.  Through sheer will and determination, he became an advanced art student and right out of high school began designing t-shirts that were used during Desert Storm in Iraq and Kuwait.  After battling a serious stint of depression, Lance decided to take up cycling to lose weight, better his health and refocus his life.  His passion for cycling led him to race for Team USA, winning three national championships, and a world championship victory earning him a ranking of 9th in the world.  Now, he has rededicated himself to his first love, illustrating, and, in 2015, began working on several projects including his favorite, Wicked Wabbit; a rabbit magically transformed into a powerful and beautiful mystic.  To learn more about Lance visit his Facebook page...the Art of Lance Footer. 

That's just a small glimpse into this incredible man's life and below is a quick taste of the very Wabbit of the Hour!  

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