Tuesday, December 22, 2015

First #WickedWabbit synopsis

Our first #WickedWabbit synopsis...

Wicked Wabbit was once the humble pet of the witch Undora; an evil mystic who brought such trouble to the small superstitious town of Salem that it spawned the infamous Witch Trials costing many a mage, as well as, innocent folks their lives in the most horrendous of ways.  That is until a powerful and ancient wizard named Falston intervened before the massacre reached unimaginable proportions.  Through a powerful incantation, he transformed Undora into a helpless and hapless rabbit, thereby, ceasing her vile mischief.

However, in the process of his magical intercession, the spell inexplicably affected Undora's humble pet, inversely changing the gentle creature into an enchanted humanoid, tortured by strange and unfamiliar memories.  Realizing his error too late; Falston was unable to reverse the powerful spell.

With his disoriented and unstable creation in tow, he quickly returned to his domain to research any possibility to rectify both of their misfortunes.  Sadly, he found only one.  To go back to her lowly but desired state, she would have to defeat the seven evils of the world throughout time; released, in vengeance, by the dark warlock Sage.  If, and when, the very last incarnation of evil was to fall she would be granted the power to return to her time, home, and the common form she so deeply pines for.  But to fail would result in a living hell; forced to roam the earth eternally as a hopeless specter, tortured by time and her missteps.

Now, blessed with a host of incredible otherworldly abilities, she doesn’t quite yet understand; including the power to travel back and forth through time, and incessantly haunted by the recollections of a foreign identity; the aptly named Wicked Wabbit will attempt to thwart the most potent forces of malice this world has ever known and those yet to be revealed.

If she succeeds, will everything she accomplishes and all the ways she evolves alter her original goal?  And who is the ominous shadow being who pursues her; all the while trying to discover a method to free Undora from her own frightful predicament?

Written by: Ronald J Rossmann Jr.
Illustrator: Lance Footer

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