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China Anne McClain as ‪#‎Flare‬


From The Crux
Chapter 2: The Unusual Suspects

“And Flare?” She relentlessly continues.

This must be the lightening round!

Now she is onto Elementals, the most ancient and mystical entities of the Crux. Little is known about their origins, less about why there are so very few left. Only three remain that we are sure of; Shadow, Fire, and Stone. There is only one that we share a fragile coexistence with and it’s not the one Flare belongs to.

               “Flare, she is the last of the Fire Masters,” I droll on. “She is one of the few that actually adds gray hairs to my head. In and out of a variety of cells all her life, she owns a deep hatred for everyone and everything about this place. Her anger burns hotter than any flame she can produce. Add to that, she is an extremely emotional being and those emotions always get the best of her. So planning anything isn’t going to happen. She is far too impulsive and rash, acting solely in the moment, the ultimate loose cannon, so most avoid her at any cost. Definitely on the watch list but not a crossover threat. By the way, you never did answer me when I asked you last time we met, as to what happened to the rest of the Fire Masters. Or has she always been the one and only?”

                “I don’t know?” She quickly answers, too quickly for my taste. “It is the same answer I gave you before and it will be the same answer any other time you ask it in the future.”

                Wait, did she really just get aggravated with me asking the same question repeatedly?

                Well hello Miss Pot, please meet Mr. Kettle.

                “Are you actually lecturing me about repetitive conversations?” I finally snap. “What the hell are we doing now, how many times have we done this same dance!”

                “Mr. Ronin, I assure you I give you every bit of information I am allowed to!” She vehemently objects. “It is just that simple, as you well know, and despite my alleged covertness, you still seem to get the job done.”

                “It’s things like that make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up,”

                  I sit up and protest. “You hold back too much, yet you expect me to be successful with the limited Intel you provided. If you want results, it’s a two way street! I need answers without your traditional vagueness and penchant for reservation!”

                “Fire Masters are one of the most ancient species in the Crux,” she segues highlighting a series of visuals that float before us. “They are as old as the Shadow Masters. Both of their origins and legacies have been solely contained in the Controller’s vaults. Why they have been sealed, I do not know and I refuse to question the Controller’s motives as they are obviously justified. If it was pertinent to any of your investigations, I assure you, The Controller would have revealed them already. Now may we move on? Is there anyone I have missed?”

                “As far as Level 5s?” I volley “As you well know if there are any surprises we won’t know about them until they demonstrate their abilities and those powers create a noticeable spike that the Repository can identify. Besides, I would think that would be a better question to ask your boss.”

                The irritation and sarcasm burning brightly in the tone of my voice is like a star cresting the darkness of space!

               “I am asking if you know of any candidates that might be Level 5s but are unaware of their latent abilities,” she continues unaffected by my surly response.

               “I have some suspicions, but not enough evidence to act,” I answer.

               “Well, you already have forgotten one,” she reveals as she points to a familiar portrait haunting the crowd of others.

               “Don’t worry about her either!” I abruptly correct.

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