Tuesday, August 9, 2016

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Britney Spears as #Wilt www.thecruxseries.com From The Crux Chapter 16: Wilt Thou Goest “She’s a wee too busy working with her new BFF,” Wilt’s austral twang becoming more pronounced with each word. “I am the last man on the totem pole right now.” “So she is working for Fate,” Sasha interjects. “Yeah, you can call it that if you want,” Wilt meridionally snickers. “Then where is she?” I demand. “That’s what I have been trying to explain to your tarts here,” Wilt banefully chides. “You have done no such thing!” Feast scolds. “Maybe not, I really can’t recall,” Wilt grimly purrs. She stretches purposefully, her tunic rises exposing the sides of her withered breasts. Cracking her neck in the process, she notices the intensity of my gaze and a warped smile curls across her face. “Like what you see there Marshall,” she seductively proposes, “I’d love to show you more.” “Tell me this, have you ever wanted to taste the juices of decay?” “I think I threw up in my mouth a little,” Sasha glibly remarks. Wilt pays no attention to her sarcasm and disgust. She begins to cat crawl to me, but it’s immediately refuted by Penance. Within seconds, the edge of her retractable blade rests perilously against her throat. “Good thing your gal pals have your back,” Wilt sinisterly flirts, “or I would have made you drown in them.” Penance pulls her close to her waist, the blade imprinting upon her crusty husk like flesh. “Try that again princess and we will find out just how immortal you are!"
“Stand down, Penance,” I order. “I am not worried about her. She can’t do any damage here.”
“Are you so sure?” Wilt snarls. Before she can blink, the muzzle of my Colt is pressed firmly in the center of her forehead. “You can damn well count on it, freak!” Wilt tenses for a moment, but it is short-lived, and she suddenly coos in adulation. “Oh Marshall,” she begins, “how you do have a way with the ladies.” “I am probably not the first to have the pleasure of your gun in their face…hmmmm. Funny, I thought it would be bigger but I bet you get that a lot don’t you.” “Pulling this trigger is as easy as breathing,” I growl. “Then you wouldn’t know all the dirty little secrets I have on my dearest sis,” she hisses again, “and they too are so very juicy.” “Would that even kill her?” Sasha remarks. “I vote to find out!” Penance announces as she presses the blade against Wilt’s throat. “Then why would y’ all bring me here at all?” Wilt strains. “Relax Penance, will play her game,” I concede, holstering my pistol, “for now!” “So spill it Wilt, or I’ll let Penance spill whatever the hell you call blood!” I motion to Penance to relax her stance. “Fine, you’re just no fun at all,” Wilt rubs her larynx as Penance regresses but remains close. I just noticed Dolly is nowhere to be found. “Where is your sister?” I demand. “Your girl Penance knows,” Wilt grumbles still nursing her throat. “What, what game are you playing now?” Penance growls. “Relax Tinkerhell!” Wilt gruffly replies. “I just mean she is hiding out in one of your old stomping grounds,” Funny I thought that whole Tinkerhell thing was Sasha’s. “Where would that be?” I continue unabated. “The Illuminaire Chamber?” Penance quips. “The what?” Sasha gasps. “It is the birthplace of the Illuminaires,” Penance explains. “I thought the unnamed Elder shut that place down after he gave your reprieves,” I interject. “He did,” Penance turns to me, “but that would not alter its structure.” “And that means?” I press. “The Chamber is designed with the same elements as Oblivion,” Penance reveals. “It was constructed to ensure that nothing can escape. Fate wanted to ensure she had complete control over the Illuminaires during their creation and evolution. She knew there was an inherent risk fashioning them with potentially volatile human emotions and could not afford a rebellion within the Crux that would have exposed her unauthorized experimentations. To leave, one must be let out; it’s the only exodus available.” “The second Oblivion that Kalos went on about,” Sasha adds. “That is where she is squatting now,” Wilt admits. “She has been there since this whole thing started.” “That hasn’t been too long,” Sasha comments. “It has in the Fleshworld,” Wilt grimly confesses. “After the incident, she hasn’t escorted a single soul to Oblivion, let alone call on my services. Right now, death is utterly absent from the mortal plane. So you can imagine what a mess that has caused.” “Not if she turns them all to Dopples,” Sasha interjects. “Dopples, what the hell are Dopples?” Feast chimes in. “We’ll cover that in a moment,” I insert. “The chick is right though,” Wilt hauntingly chuckles, “there is no need for her former duties now.” “How does the Controller not know this?” Sasha vehemently sighs. “Would you be so kind as to let us in on what the hell you are talking about?” Penance scolds. “It’s a long story,” I quickly deflect, “you’re just going to have to trust us for now and try to keep up.” “Unacceptable!” Feast steps in again. “Okay babes, here it is in a nutshell, told in the simplest terms, so even you two can understand it,” Wilt interrupts, “Fate turned all the Didymus into Doppelgangers but failed to do the same to their Crux counterparts. That is why you can’t find them. They ain’t dead; they’re being corralled in the Luminarie Chamber until she is ready to unleash them in the Fleshworld. She had this Teleporter transport them all there after they were changed. Now she needs Vanity to finish her plan so she can take over the Construct, overthrow the Controller, and build an unstoppable army to invade and occupy all of the Firmamentia. Everybody on the same page now…y’all good!” Penance and Feast are expressionless. Clockwork remains silent, as he has done for much of the conversation. That is not the way I wanted to bring them up to speed but what’s done is done. “What she said,” I annoyingly sigh. “I don’t know what to say,” Feast finally expresses. “Then say nothing and let the big people talk…Kay,” Wilt mocks. Feast’s face tightens, as her jagged fangs slide past her ruby lips. I have to press on, we need the information fast and I will only have one chance at this. I can’t risk Wilt clamming up. “Ladies, you gotta give me this one,” I plead, “we don’t have the time right now to go over this right now!” “Agreed, but under duress,” Feast reluctantly complies.

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