Thursday, August 11, 2016

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‪Helen Slater as #Seamstress From The Crux Chapter 2: The Unusual Suspects “I am asking if you know of any candidates that might be Level 5s but are unaware of their latent abilities,” she continues unaffected by my surly response. “I have some suspicions, but not enough evidence to act,” I answer. “Well, you already have forgotten one,” she reveals as she points to a familiar portrait haunting the crowd of others. “Don’t worry about her either!” I abruptly correct. “Why, don’t tell me you would defend her like you defend your friend Feast!” She replies in sudden bewilderment. “No, there is no defense to justify anything she has done!” I scoff removing my hat again, vigorously rubbing my forehead. “She is a real monster! I still am shocked as shit that you and your boss allowed her to continue to exist at all.” There is sudden silence on the part of the interviewer. Didn’t think she had a rabbit punch response to that one. This particular case is that proverbial black eye for her and her master. “She is a recluse, catatonic most of the time, locked away in her little cubby of a home,” I continue. “She shows no signs of emerging anytime soon.” “Who is she talking about?” Sasha quietly interrupts. “The Seamstress,” I answer, motioning her again to be still. I am really going to pay for that one. I can almost feel it now. I hope I have enough Advil and Bengay in the ole’ medicine cabinet. “The Seamstress?” Sasha puzzles evidently immune to my hackneyed hand signals. “She’s a Level 5?” “Unfortunately, yes!” I lean back into my chair to conceal our conversation as the Navigator thoroughly reviews her files. “I never knew that, why would I not know that?” Sasha questions. “Very few do, and there is a good reason for it,” I respond. “It was long before you got here. She is one of the only hidden Level 5s in the entire place. Her powers are unique to her and her alone; no one that I know of has ever shared her abilities.” The Navigator looks right at us. Well so much for concealment! I know she has heard everything. I have never gotten anything past her and it’s not for a lack of trying either. “Isn’t that right Madam Navigator?” “He is correct!” She smugly agrees. “We only found out about the full scope of her particularly gory skill set when she was apprehended,” I explain. “She was one of the few to fly under our radar as long as she did.” “Isn’t she just a run of the mill serial killer?” Sasha inquires, directing her questions to the two of us. “I wish it was as simple as that,” I correct. “She was a top notch surgeon in the Fleshworld whose only daughter, a young child, was violently murdered. The suspects were never found and there was evidence that there may have been some weird conspiracy or cover up. It only took a few months for her to go ruthlessly insane. Then she began an epic killing spree, brutally slaughtering her victims, carefully chopping them up into useable parts.” “What do you mean, usable parts,” Sasha gasps, “usable for what?” “To sew them together to create living dolls, well the term living here would be used loosely,” I answer, “hence, the whole Seamstress thing.” “Why?” Sasha gulps. Now Sasha is not one to display anxiety in any situation. So her reaction was a bit disarming. I definitely struck an untouched nerve. “To replace her offspring,” I continue undeterred. “To manufacture a terrifyingly warped family that she could love, protect, and control. Most of her victims were Fleshworld criminals. She somehow was able to sense their motives before they even acted upon them. Know when and where they would commit their heinous acts. She hunted them down, stalked them for weeks at a time, and then mercilessly striking. These were no minor leaguers. Most were killers, rapists, all manner of predators, so you have to give her props for taking them out and saving the taxpayers a few bucks. By the time, we finally caught her she had murdered seventy-five, and that was just in the Fleshworld.” “Well, how many more were there?” Sasha asks a hint of tension still evident in her voice. “One hundred and twenty,” I reluctantly answer, “the only Citizen, who has been able to terminate Crux beings without permission or resources from the Controller. She is also the only Citizen to demonstrate the power of resurrection; an ability thought impossible to posses. To add to that, she was also our very first successful Shifter, able to cross dimensions without a Bridge, by sheer will alone. Those remarkable gifts are the reason we know about blackouts and the psychic energy required to create them. Seeing how she was the one to introduce us to them. In the end, she spent two centuries in an isolated cell until her sentence was completed. Now she is religiously monitored moment by moment.” “Was she successful?” Sasha questions. “I mean in bringing the dolls she made to life?” “Only once,” the Navigator interjects, “and while we are on this unpleasant subject, where is Dolly?”

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