Saturday, November 12, 2011

One Minute Movie Review: Horrible Bosses

I was told this movie lived up to its name, at least the horrible part.  So I went into this with extremely low expectations, that is, possibly, why I was more impressed with it then most.   A definitive guy film, with profanity in abundance, sexually charged innuendoes and comments that would make Dr. Ruth blush, and the ridiculous notion that Jason Sudeikis is a player and can score with anyone woman he chooses.  That last fact may make it more of a fantasy film, whatever.   The humor was not half bad, and the story, though confused and chaotic, was entertaining.   I think the most endearing aspect, if I can use that word in reference to such a feature, is the acting and chemistry between all the characters.   Bateman has perfected the straight man bit, ala Lou Costello.   Day plays his role like a rabid hamster who has just been neutered (the reference will be understood after watching the movie).   I have already mentioned Sudeikis role as the irresistible lady's man, which is as, believable as Sudeikis as an Oscar winner.   Spacey, Anniston, and Farrel play their parts with such momentum that they truly propel the film forward.   There is a sick satisfaction that is evident in their portrayals, deriving enormous pleasure in behaving badly.  The quick, witty, and generally funny banter between the three leads is the most effective and entertaining aspect of the film, and these three have perfected that style of comedic timing and dialogue.  The ending is anti climatic and goofy, but this vehicle should be judged on the overall ride and handling.  It is not the Ferrari of comedies but , at best,  a fully equipped Camaro.  Without a doubt, not for the kiddies, in fact, do not even put the DVD in any proximity to them.  2 out of 5 Kernels;   not horrible, a little stronger than tolerable, and somewhere between amusing and outright silly.

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