Saturday, November 12, 2011

One Minute Movie Review: Green Lantern

As the glut, of comic book movies finally begins to roll to an end (unless a Hawkman or Aquaman movie is in the works), it seems the wheat is separating from the chaff and the cream is rising to the top. Marvel and DC are now in a dead heat to see who can turn out the best retelling of their comic fare. As the tally continues, Marvel has scored with Thor, Captain America, and Ironman, while DC has had hits and misses with the Batman franchise revamp and RED debut as significant wins and the Superman reboot and Losers effort being critical fails. Now DC has moved into the lesser known, but equally compelling B list characters that do not generate the same mainstream following as the Dark Knight or Krypton's finest has. Green Lantern is such a hero, who is better known among fandom (or geekdom depending on your point of view) rather than the general public. With this feature, DC scores a small victory. The real highlight of this movie is the special effects which are exquisite, creating a world that rivals Pandora. Rather than stand on that alone, as most films of this category, unfortunately, rely on, the director throws a curveball and weaves a quite imaginative and engaging story with solid acting and character development. The action sequences are cool and exciting and in a fascinating and unexpected move the film becomes downright creepy at times. Ryan Reynolds has quickly moved from quirky sitcom star to action film wannabe and quite handily holds up the story and film. He has a sharp and quick wit displayed in all his portrayals with his interpretation of Hal Jordan being no exception. The most notable thing to remember is this is a comic book flick, so any expectation for Oscar level performance or storytelling should be checked at the door. 3 out of 5 Kernels; definitively one of few at the top of the class and managed to leave room for the predictable sequel in a "as corn free" way as possible.

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