Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I am exceedingly happy to report I am permanently changing my political affiliation to Independent. I no longer support the Republican establishment which is just as corrupt as the Democratic machine. I have also decided that if Romney is the nomination, he will not get my vote. I would rather send a message to the establishment that I want neither Mitt the Cyborg or the Hillbilly Hick Perry, or let the GOP fat cats continue their standard M.O of saying much and doing little. The Karl Rove's of the world who brought us the worst Republican president in history, in George Bush the latter, will not steer my choice or will his cronies, who serve their own agendas and have no real desire to improve or change the system that has brought us to this brink. Furthermore, I believe we should bring every solider home. Until we get this country's priorities straight, there is no need to sacrifice another one of this nation's brave men and women's lives for the sake of; wars we have no intention on winning, to assist allies who act like enemies, and to give terrorists more rights and better conditions than the criminals in this country's justice system. We need to; reduce taxes, discipline spending, rework all entitlement programs to return us to a culture of accountability and personal discipline, become fully energy independent, limit terms in order to end the opportunity for career politicians to become career politicians, end the power of lobbyists, bring about TORT reform to take control away from the trial lawyers, remove the government's stranglehold on this economy and private businesses, and reduce the pay and benefits to all those who serve in congress. That, my friends, should only be the beginning. If we continue to accept the same ole same ole, we will have no one, but ourselves to blame when freedoms become a mere memory. A reality we face, in greater abundance, every day. Occupy that!

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