Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One Minute Movie Review: Real Steel

This gem falls somewhere between Rocky, Over The Top, and Rocken Sockem Robots on Meth.   Hugh Jackman turns in a subtle but stellar performance as his continuing stardom has few equals and rivals.  How a movie about fighting robots finds heart is beyond me, but somehow director Shawn Levy (of Night at The Museum fame) pulls it off flawlessly.  Newcomer Dakota Goyo turns in a gushy but authentic performance as Jackman's abandoned son.  The relationship between Jackman and Goya is predictable but heartwarming fare, a little Over the Topish, but it works.  In fact, the chemistry between the entire cast is solid and fluid.  Although it doesn't reach the spirit and craftsmandship of the original Rocky, which it quietly tributes, its feel is both endearing and inspiring.  In the Hollywood world where happy endings are considered lame and unrealistic it is a wonderful thing to see hope and triumph showcased.  The special effects are outstanding and absolutelyy believeable.  The hero robot, without saying a word or even acting human,  makes a connection with the audience that is unmistakable.    Witout saying too much, the ending is undoubtly a nod to the first Rocky and Apollo match.  3 out of 5 Kernels: the moral, champions are those who rise above the odds not for a title but to find true purpose.

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