Sunday, October 12, 2014

Just a Quickie Please: Homefront Review

Sylvester Stallone puts on his writing cap for this 2013 action/revenge yarn directed by the fairly unknown Gary Fleder and starring the Italian Stallion's best blockbuster bud, Jason Statham, and hilariously miscast James Franco as the backwoods baddie.  Franco actually provides one of the most stereotypical and dreary performances of his illustrious career.  Wynona Ryder also gets some limited screen time as the silver screen stoner's thieving, washed out girlfriend that is obviously a huge acting stretch for her.  The story is predictable and limited but delivers on Statham's signature brand of “bad assery” with a failed attempt at adding a romantic twist and familial back-story.  In the end, Rocky just tried too hard with too little to work with.  Of all the things he is known for, delicately yet effectively weaving an intricate tapestry of complex, intermingling storylines is definitely not one of his strong suits.  I know shocker, right.   But for what it is worth, if you are in the mood for a satisfying slug fest with plenty o' UFC throw down moves, machismo violence, and classic Expendable like one liners, this is the flick for you.  But would somebody please explain to Hollywood that F bombs do not equate to substantial script filler, I lost count quickly in this cinematic outing.   3 out of 5 Kernels; strictly judging it by a "balls to the wall", Statham smack-down, it is worth the price of rental or download admission.

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