Wednesday, May 13, 2015

#TheCrux Acknowledgements

                I want to recognize the contributions and support of those who I am proud to call friends beginning with my wonderfully skilled illustrator Britteny Stanton and tireless proofreader Stephanie Thiel.  Then there is the amazingly talented Cassie Kelson, Chris Parsons, Gwen Mauney, Christopher Dickerson, Karenmarie Marley, and Chelsea Sofia, who selflessly volunteered to assist me with the production of the novel’s YouTube promo spot. I need to extend a special shout out to Chelsea who has been my ceaseless cheerleader.  Next, Darrin Skinner my boss, and friend, who went above and beyond to accommodate the time needed to complete this and my previous novels, as well as, lending me his ear and help despite his cumbersome schedule.  A special thanks to fellow author La Ron Jenkins for all of his advice and friendship.  Also, I want to express my sincere gratitude to those who were encouraging voices throughout the process: Dottie Cobb, Ashia Hughes, Charlie Davis, Lauren Hennessy, Daniel James, Lizzy Vestal, Ashlee Martin, and, my unofficial nutitionist Ernestine Brown.  Thanks to the professional team at CreateSpace who make the daunting task of self-publishing far more pleasant and efficient than it probably should be.  Also, Adam and Joe Hodge my adopted brothers and two best friends who are and always have been there for me.  Most of all, I want to appreciate my amazing wife, Tammy, who has stuck by my side and endured my insanity for the past twenty-three years.  She gave me the greatest gift I have ever received, my family, I adore you Paradise.  Finally, I want to acknowledge my daughter Jessie, who is my biggest and most vocal fan.  I love you Freckles, you and your brother, William, are truly my heroes. 

            To the fans: I hope you enjoyed this launching point for this series and I can’t wait to deliver its subsequent tales with the promise that each one will top the next.  This story freed my inner Fanboy to frolic and roam unencumbered.  The best honor I could receive is that it will allow yours to do the same.   

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