Sunday, August 26, 2012

One Minute Movie Review: The Bourne Legacy

A fragmented, poorly scripted, attempt at a water downed version of the first film, replacing Damon with new comer Renner, of Avenger's fame. Instead of answering questions from the first three installments it fosters new ones.  The real inquiry is will anybody care. I know I did not. Renner attempts to play Aaron Cross as a stoic, loner, instead coming across as bland and unengaged. Weisz is equally uninspiring, exchanging dramatic for manic, appearing lost, at best, as she attempts to interact with her costar. Norton is stale and predictable as is the plot and action. Director Gilroy attempts to tell his tale with an over use of incoherent flashbacks that burden more than explain. The pace is slow, and by the time it moves into any excitement, you have already lost interest. Somethings are better left alone, but the Hollywood, "let's do it to death for the sake of the green," crowd will never understand that lesson. I was not a big fan of the books or the first three endeavours, but they at least had some substance and did not feel like a cheap way to keep the saga alive. If Renner wanted to sure up his newly forged career, he might want to leave this one off the resume and stick to quivers and spandex. 0 out of 5 Kernels: The only thing Cross solves is that boring is as deadly as any bullet in the movie business.

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