Sunday, August 26, 2012

One Minute Movie Review: The Expendables 2

An absolute Mangasm of a film, far exceeding even its predecessor in scope, one liners, and all of the "never have to reload" action that all of us fogies came to admire in the 80's. Simon West, who has brought a litany of action fare to the silver screen scores a sweeping win with this over the top, gratuitously violent, testosterone fueled, tongue in cheek rollercoaster ride that leaves nothing on the table or spares a drop of pure, unadulterated machismo. Not since William Shatner, who utterly deserves a spot in the third installment, has a collection of individuals been able to poke fun at themselves while still providing a high octane, ferrari driven, joyride of a production. The humor is quick and biting, and the special effects are too much for words. The interaction between players are natural, fluid, and the fact the actors thoroughly enjoyed themselves and each other are evident in every scene. By no way Oscar fare, this is what cinema is meant to be, fun, exciting, edge of your seat, entertainment that starts off with a bang, moves like a cheetah on Meth. and ends with an epic boom. Stallone is priceless, and Van Damme steals the show with his role as the villian wholly engrossed in his character with flair and style. Lundgren is classic, sounding and looking  like Frankenstein on a bender, Crews owns every scene, and the Norris, Schwarzenegger, and Willis bring self effacing humor to a whole new level. Every moment is such masculine bliss it would make Bruckheimer weep tears of explosive joy.  4 out of 5 Kernels: This film proves, yet again, that Swarzenegger is still a far better action hero than he ever was a  Governer, it is the only way he can make money in California.

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