Thursday, January 31, 2013

One Minute Movie Review: Frankenweenie

If weird and creepy were a kingdom, Tim Burton would be the undisputed ruler.  In the beginning, Burton’s work was groundbreaking, reaching new levels of creativity and uniqueness. However, as time has marched on, Burton’s outings have become more and more bizarre and less and less enjoyable, having a fresh flock of cinematic albatrosses to confirm that fact.  With that said, this is the pinnacle example of a film that Burton may have made just to amuse himself, like a private joke gone horribly wrong.  Although the cinematography and animation are positively stunning, the story is choppy and downright goofy.  Combine that with the overwhelming and ominous focus on death and that pretty much eliminates any warm and fuzzies for the kiddies.  Did anyone bother to inform Tim that children’s films need to, hmm, let’s say, be appropriate for the young’ens and not depress the Skechers off of them?  The humor is nonexistent, and Burton’s attempted tribute to the classic movie monsters of old gets lost in translation as the story makes remarkably little sense and is even less entertaining.  This movie feels more like a 1st year film school student’s animated short than an experienced director’s swansong.  0 out of 5 kernels: the only thing scary about this movie is that it was  allowed to be made in the first place, and the only laughs it received were Burton’s, all the way to the bank.    

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