Sunday, January 6, 2013

One Minute Movie Review: The Odd Life of Timothy Green

The relatively unknown Peter Hedges creates a film that doesn't just attempt to pull at the heartstrings but goes for the emotional jugular.   With that said, it is quite difficult to critique this movie without invoking any spoilers, so, I will tread carefully.  First let me say, Jennifer Gardner provides one of the best performances of her career emanating an authenticity in her role that is both engaging and heartfelt. CJ Adams is a perfect cast for his part and brings Timothy Green to abundant life.  Although the film has a few plot loopholes and is a bit sappy and fantastical, overall it is a well written remarkably unique story that instantly connects with the audience and continues to hold it until the very end.  The humor is subtle, honest, and effective, and the drama hits its mark every time.   In some instances,  it is very predictable;  however, the story so well-crafted that fact is forgivable.   Again, in order not to disclose anything that would ruin the experience I have to conclude with stating just this; that the moral is exceedingly clear.   One, that  our children are an absolute gift, and although they may try every bit of our patience or make us painfully realize how ill-equipped we are as parents they are undeniable proof that miracles still occur moment by moment.  Secondly, that one doesn't need to focus on what mistakes his or her parents made by trying overtly to avoid or correct them but instead  to successfully parent is to love unconditionally and to be the best parent we can be solely based on whom we are.  Very few films have drawn tears, this one is the rare case. 4 out of 5 of five kernels:  the rare instance, where the consistently commercial mouse spins out a truly endearing tale.

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