Sunday, February 17, 2013

One Minute Movie Review: Here Comes The Boom

Take one part Mr. Holland's Opus, one part Dead Poets Society, and sprinkle in a little of Rocky then mix it all together and blend it in the mind of Kevin James and you get Here Comes the Boom.  Frank Coraci,  best known for such comedic Sandler hits as (yes there was a time when Sandler made good movies) The Water Boy and The Wedding Singer bring us this endearing tale of striving to achieve the impossible, both becoming an effective UFC fighter and successfully teaching in High School.   Despite being a bit preachy at times, somewhat simplistic at others, and a bit predictable the overwhelming positive aspect of this film is that it is endearing. This is James best role to date,  a little less goofy, a little more serious, and certainly more fit.  Winkler also delivers a winning performance, unlike other Happy Madison productions.  The acting is believable, the character chemistry is genuine, and the dialogue is fluid. The humor is solid, not sidesplitting but entertaining and although the story can get sappy at times I did find it quite inspiring.  It's a feel-good film designed in every way to be that without excuse and in these cynical times where everyone's a skeptic it's gratifying to have a slight glimmer of hope come out of Hollywood now and then.  This is one you could watch over and over again, which in and of  itself is a compliment.  3 out of 5 kernels;  maybe not a comedic knockout for James but he undoubtedly went the distance.   

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