Tuesday, July 29, 2014

One Minute Movie Review: Last Vegas

Robert DeNiro has reached such a legendary status as the quintessential classic, hard nose, unbreakable, tough guy that it seems almost sacrilege to cast him in any other role.    So, when I see him in these "softer" roles, a large part of me wants to scream, at the top of my lungs in the direction of  flat screen, "Heresy!"   Most of those portrayals fail miserably, but in this comedic case, I have to say, rather than a detriment, it almost "humanizes" the megastar, in a way, few, if any films, have.   Although much of the story is very base and even somewhat predictable, those downsides are quickly eclipsed by the chemistry between these cinematic icons and their authentic and compelling performances and within a matter of mere seconds you are totally engaged.    Klein's dry wit is as sharp and biting as ever, Freeman illuminates every scene he is in, and Douglas is as supremely charming, with elements of his character very reminiscent of his Jack T Colton persona ala Romancing the Stone minus the machete, snakes, and gators.  Director, Turteltaub has a litany of mild successes under his belt; While You Were Sleeping, National Treasure, and Phenomenon to name a brisk few, but this is, by far, his best.  A few laugh out loud moments, but the strongest facet is a heartfelt and poignant editorial on how age is just a number and the way you go about the direct result of mindset.  Think Hangover lite for the senior set.   A thoroughly entertaining movie that reminds us all that when you are as amazing as this cast is there is no expiration date on talent.   3 out of 5 Kernels; lets hope this is not the last time we see this team up.

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