Saturday, September 27, 2014

Absolutely humbled to play such a very small part in making these two boys and their families day a special one.

Today was one of the best in my 42 years on this grand planet of ours. I was privileged to participate as Batman in a Magic Flight for two families, both with children battling terminal diseases. Suddenly I was reminded about how entitled, selfish, and petty as a society we have become. The next time you throw a fit because you waited, what you believe to be five minutes too long while your underpaid barista whips up your ridiculously complicated and utterly self-indulgent frozen or hot beverage. The next time you flip off a senior citizen who accidentally slides into your parking space, because, God Forbid, you might have to walk a few extra feet to the entrance of Walmart. The next time you think the world just came to an end because you added another crack to your Smartphone screen. The next time you complain about how bad your life is while you frantically text your best friend all the details as you watch latest episode of Desperate Housewives on your 52" flat screen in your air-conditioned room munching on your $25 overcooked overpriced take out. The next time you scream at your parents because they actually held you accountable for something, using the harshest verbal barbs as you continue your juvenile tantrum. The next time you vehemently scold your children because they act, well, like children. The next time you allow yourself to fall into your self-centered, over privileged, ungrateful coma, remember this; there are two little boys who are overjoyed just to see the sunrise on another day. Two little boys who can't go out and play but pray every day that they will have the chance someday. Two little boys whose greatest blessings are; no surgery scheduled that week, no battle with pain that day, and that they are able to open their eyes that morning to see mom and dad anxiously awaiting for them too. Two little boys that face their mortality moment by moment while we ultimately take ours for granted. Two little boys who, despite their minuscule age, get what a treasure every breath we take is. And then there are two sets of parents who have to wonder if tomorrow will ever come. Who suffer through what seems like endless sleepless nights and tearful days watching their most precious gifts struggle with no way to prevent it. Two sets of parents who would trade very so-called problem that you have just for an individual guarantee that their children will see another year without any further suffering. Two sets of parents who have to find strength, when the last ounce of it has just faded away. Two sets of parents who understand what the value of life is and how quickly we take it for granted. Two sets of parents who have a love for their children that defies any definition. Today I played the hero, but I was blessed to meet two small, very real heroes who possess more courage and determination than I ever will if I was to live a hundred lifetimes. They say a superhero is someone who defies the odds accomplishes the miraculous, discovering a power they never knew they had and using it to try protecting and saving the ones they love. That about sums it up for Caden and Jayce's Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents, and friends. And most especially two little boys who I hope and pray will grow up to be amazing men!

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