Monday, September 15, 2014

One Minute Movie Review: The Book Thief

Very rarely does a film adaption of any award winning novel do justice to its literary grandeur and depth.  Masterfully crafted, beautifully told, deeply moving, with performances so genuine and passionate that you quickly transcend from audience member to fellowship with old friends.  Director Brian Percival creates an intensely earnest and utterly engaging silver screen incarnation of the international best seller painstakingly penned by Markus Zusak.   Filled to overflowing with intense and honest moment after moment, affecting every sense and emotion, from rage, to compassion, hope, tragedy, and triumph.   Young lead Sophie Nelisse delivers an Oscar-worthy performance supported by an inspired cast that includes such extraordinary talents as Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson.   The history and authenticity of every stitch, backdrop, and frame are undeniable reminding us of how a relentless evil stole the innocence and integrity of a people leaving an inexplicable and irreversible horrific crimson stained scar on its history perpetuating an unforgivable atrocity that still haunts humanity's legacy.   No matter how many times the story, the history has been told, this feature reignites all the rage and disdain for the tyrannical empire forged in the darkest and vilest pits of hell.   It also demonstrates the unbelievable levels of sacrifice, courage, heroism, and even martyrdom of those who chose to resist the oppression, violence, and misery of the Third Reich and stand firm in their beliefs and compassion.   Among all of the blockbuster flops and over hyped disasters this is a shining star piercing through the deepest theatrical thunder clouds.  A must see if only to remind us of the importance of never forgetting the darkest parts of our history so they will never be repeated again.  5 out of 5 Kernels;  one of the best films of 2014 that you probably didn't know existed.

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