Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Just a Quickie Please: Chef Review

Favreau pulls double duty for this indie comedy flick as both leading man and man in charge and does so with remarkable effortlessness and with artistic brilliance.  This is such an Oscar nod that the statuesque golden boy looks more like an extravagant bobble-head doll.   The cast is lusciously exquisite,  a masterfully eclectic ensemble.  It wondrously radiates with the talents of the oft ostentatious Vergara, uniquely quirky, irreverently genuine Lequizamo, subtly poignant Pratt, and finally rounding out with the stellar, inspirited performance of newcomer Emjay Anthony.  This savory feature plays more like warm, lively conversation bantered about during a delectable meal among the grand company of dear friends rather than a mere cinematic escape.  Look for three absolutely delicious cameos from two Iron Man alumni; Johansson and a the decadently douche-baggy Downey, and an aggravatingly overbearing Hoffman.   Favreau has now bested both skillfully crafted low budget chimera and bombastic blockbuster, a feat the rare can boast, let alone aspire to.  4 out of 5 Kernels: Big Jon has discovered the recipe for cinematic success, let's just hope he continues to delve out piquant generous servings of it.    

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