Monday, December 8, 2014

Just a Quickie Please: The Fault in Our Stars Review

Rarely have I seen a film that so authentically depicts the depth and raw emotion of the battle with mortality that we call Cancer.    Especially if it is packaged  in the wrappings of a sappy "tween" romance and equally hyped as such.  Talk about the quintessential cinematic shell game.   Fairly unknown director Josh Boone captures the frightening oft tragic roller-coaster ride that this disease ensnares its victims on.  Crafting this feature with a genuine, definitively captivating story, and utterly engaging performances that make an unmistakable heartfelt and heartbreaking connection with the audience.  I have never read the book.  But I have to believe that this incarnation, being so absolutely thought-provoking, gut-wrenching, and thoroughly endearing, does its literary Didymus undeniable justice.   Woodley's performance is inspired, unmercifully convincing, enhanced only by co-star Elgort's relentlessly charming, nearly mesmerizing support. The remaining ensemble is uniformly as fantastic and flawless.   If you have suffered the loss, or losses, of loved ones to this living torment or shared their triumph in remission, this video venture will tug at all heartstrings, haunt each memory, and touch on every emotion. Warning; the toughest of skins will fare as well as if stung by frostbite if one thinks he or she can turn a tearied eye away from the screen for even a fraction of a second.   4 out of 5 Kernels:  with all due respect to the 80's Hollywood giant, somewhere John Hughes just realized what his films might look like if they contained viable, vehement quality and focus, other than generic teen angst, without sacrificing entertainment value. 

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