Saturday, October 3, 2015

#TheCrux #Sciencefiction you deserve! A sneak peak into something #wickedlyawesome.

‪#‎TheCrux‬ ‪#‎Sciencefiction‬ you deserve! Something ‪#‎wickedlyawesome‬ with‪#‎rjhenfilms‬ has wrapped initial filming. Now the daunting task of post production work begins. It was an amazing shoot and RJ Hen and his crew are a phenomenally talented bunch. His team made the whole process a tremendous education and performed with the utmost in professionalism. 

Here is a complete list of this phenomenal crew:

Reginald Henderson: Director/Producer
I can't thank him enough for taking a chance on an up and coming author.  He brought The Crux to horrifyingly beautiful life.

Cassie Kelson: Assistant Director
One of my best friends and an astonishingly gifted craftswoman who turns ideas to visions and visions into inspired art. 

Jerome Greene: Writer
Completely got the story and characters and produced a screenplay that simply awed me.

Yair Guevara: Director of Photography:
Talk about an eye for detail and a creativity that knows no limits.

Thomas Perser: Editor
Can't wait to see what he accomplishes in post production; I have a feeling it will lead me to geektopia.

Michele Schosser: Makeup
Her makeup was outstanding; she truly captured both the beauty and horror of all of my main characters. 

Here is the complete main cast list:

Todd Brown...#Ronin

Actor/writer: Blue Sunday
An amazing and humble talent

Jessica Milicevic...#Penance
Freelance Journalist
Talent, beauty, and absolute fierceness.

Chelsea Sophia...#Dolly
A trusted friend and remarkable woman.

Gwen Mauney...#Feast
A dear friend who possess a one of a kind grace and strength.

Courtney Meeker...Victim 2
A rising star who exudes energy and passion.

A tremendous talent in both acting and makeup.

Anneliese Cadena...Victim 1
She gave me goosebumps...literal goosebumps, she was so good!

Filmed at the Haunted Mill...

The pictures I have posted are intentionally grainy and slightly ambiguous as not to give away too much about the promo.  I can't convey enough how awesome it is to see your work as an author come alive in such terrifyingly vivid detail. It was a long night but worth every single moment. 

We will be premiering the promo to a private audience on October 29th and it will hit the theaters November 6th playing at Ayrsley Grand Cinemas in Charlotte and AMC Pavilion in Pineville.  There will be two versions, the 30 second spot and the full trailer.  I will relay the link to the full trailer by November 6th.

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