Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans' Day 2015

A red cup, an outdated flag, a dead lion...what do all of these have in common?

They are unimportant and trivial distractions.

The baby who cries in her crib at night while her dad tirelessly patrols in a foreign land. The wife who grieves at the coffin of a husband who died to protect the freedoms of complete strangers. The son who will never grow up with a father because his dad chose to sacrifice himself for a stranger's child caught in harm's eye. The boyfriend who stays by the bedside of the woman he loves shattered and torn by shrapnel from a carefully planted roadside bomb. He misshapes his lips so he can kiss her fractured demeanor.

The tears shed over the graves of the fallen. The blood saturating the soil of a battlefield. The pain that haunts the wounds of war both of flesh and soul. The soldier who fights to the edge of death when there is little strength or hope left. The warrior who finds no peace, even in the sanctuary of his own home.

These are the things to be considered when we waste our freedoms on the trivial and asinine. These are the people we should remember when we allow the media to lead us, like starving dogs, to our own filth to feast, as if it was prime rib. Is their blood and selflessness worth that waste? Is the loss and loneliness of their families worth disgracing with our nonsensical ramblings and causes?

To the heroes in uniform, I say, thank you. My family, my freedom, and even my life are granted because of your honor and service. I will never know your hardship both during and after the battle. I will never understand your reasoning for laying your life down for those you will never know. But I extend my deepest gratitude for what you have done and will do. I pray that God protects you with each and every step. That he brings your family peace that passes all understanding. Thank you, for every second that you have blessed this nation with. May never a moment be forgotten!

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