Wednesday, January 13, 2016

#JustaQuickiePlease: The Visit Review

I once thought that M. Night could and would be the next Hitchcock and his first three films seem to validate that in their tone, sweep, and feel.   Then a slew of cinematic disasters followed culminating in a near career-ending tragedy with his horrifyingly sub-par live-action adaptation of an animated Nickelodeon series; which will remain nameless so we all may forget.  So, when I became aware of the hype regarding this indie horror flick directed by Mr. Shyamalan, I was slightly intrigued but expected nothing less than the current legacy he has defecated all over the silver screen.   I was only minorly surprised to discover that this isn't a bad flick, nor is it particularly good, just somewhere in between. With a now overused novelty, POV filming, a decently written script, and a mixed bag of both authentic and stale performances, this picture never meets its full potential but strangely achieves an effective eeriness and a solid "twist" (said in Robot Chicken's Shyamalan fashion) by credits end.   Although much of the suspense feels forced, I found the journey to its somewhat terrifying conclusion quite well done.  The humor is annoyingly clich├ęd and M.Night might want to brush up on what is current, as some of his pop culture references are outdated considering his young cast.  Overall, it's worth the cost of Red Box but maybe not an Amazon rental.   2 out of 5 Kernels: this might be the first step in a very long way back for a director who, for one brief moment, could have revolutionized modern cinema.               

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