Tuesday, March 15, 2016

#JustaQuickiePlease: 10 Cloverfield Lane "Spoiler Free" Review

This is one of the most sophisticatedly written, powerfully acted, and genuinely creepy and thrilling films of the last decade that by credits roll, indeed begs the question...which monster is the most terrifying?  Goodman offers the performance of his career as Norman, who can be both eerily endearing and downright deranged nearly and flawlessly within seconds of each other.  Winstead is equally remarkable as the involuntary heroine who demonstrates an authentic blend of bravery, resourcefulness, and abject fear.  The appropriately small cast is rounded out by Gallagher, who provides a discomforting levity to such a bizarrely claustrophobic and unsettling situation.   In an age of blockbuster messes, this is what indie films, in fact, silver screen offerings overall, should aspire to be; amazing effects that don't oversell themselves and a brilliant script that achieves several rarities.  First; creating actual and unpredictable suspense with twists and turns that, when they impact, do so, like a freight truck with its brake line cut.  Second; utter audience engagement and investment into a story and characters in which it and their unknown fates remain intact until the precise moment they are effortlessly and perfectly executed.  Finally, and most importantly; it delivers deeply disturbing inferences that are far more horrifying than what is actually visually revealed; an extremely impressive feat in this CGI-laden dumbed down era of assembly line cinema.   In a world of social media diarrhea, Abrams has become a master of covert movie tactics and this latest endeavor is a prime example of his effectiveness.  In addition to all the successes listed, he completes his achievement by leaving open two definitive possibilities.  That this event occurs simultaneously with this first film without becoming either a prequel or sequel as he originally touted many moons ago.  And, leaving ambiguous room for another installment, which like this, can take this blossoming franchise in any direction JJ's miraculously creative heart desires.  5 out of 5 Kernels; fear has been given a new address and once you visit, you won't be the same.

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