Monday, March 28, 2016

The origins of #TheBehemoth...amalgam of Hulk and Superman

     Kal-El was just an infant when his father Jor-El sent him away, via an advanced space vessel, from their dying planet of Krypton.  As he traversed the multiple galaxies, through many years, on a destination to the alien planet of Earth; his safety pod passed through a strange anomaly that inundated the craft and child with potent gamma rays.  These wavelengths altered young Kal-El's DNA. 

     His vessel crash landed on earth near the home of biochemist Jonathan Clark Banner, who discovered both the fallen craft and emerging toddler.   The impact frightened the child who transformed into a strange green creature capable of immense strength.  But Banner was able to calm the mutated being, gradually returning him to his humanoid state.  Fearing for the alien child's safety, Jonathan and his wife Martha raised the toddler as their own. 

     As time progressed, Jonathan worked with his adopted son to help him focus his incredible abilities and dangerous emotions.  On top of the Herculean strength that, the orphan now named Clark exhibited when angered or severely stressed, he possessed heat vision, could freeze items with his breath, is utterly invincible, and, even more unbelievably, could run at speeds beyond sound and fly, yes, fly, just as fast.  Soon, young Clark learned to control the raging beast within him, able to transform into this hulk while still maintaining his normal consciousness and intelligence.  He also disciplined himself to use his other super abilities with the same acuteness.  Because he tore out of his clothes with each transformation, Martha, his mother, crafted a suit from the alien linens left in the derelict craft, that could be worn under his terrestrial garments.  And so the uniform that would be become a staple of his extraordinary presence was created.  

     Realizing he was destined to do greater things, Clark pledged himself to become a defender of his new home, a devotion bolstered by his father's death.  Finding a strange crystal among his earthly father's belongings that had been retrieved from the demolished craft; Clark voyaged to the top of the earth, the Arctic Circle.  There, after activating the crystal, he created his Sanctuary, where all Kryptonian knowledge was now archived.  He learned of his past and a call to protect humanity from enemies both outside and from within. 

     Leaving the solitude of his Sanctuary, he ventured to Metropolis to become a reporter for the Daily Planet under the watchful and sarcastic eye of its chief editor Perry Jameson.   There he met one of his love interests, Mary Jane Lane, a veteran reporter as fiery as her vibrant crimson hair.   Mary Jane had a habit of choosing the most dangerous assignments and the last one nearly cost her life. 

     While investigating corruption at Wilson Luthor's labs, a.k.a the alleged Kingpin, her choppers navigation systems were overridden by a strange signal shutting down all controls.  The helicopter plummeted, but Clark seeing the incident from the street below, swung into immediate action.  Speeding down an alley, he transformed into his secret identity and leaped up to the rapidly descending aircraft.  Saving both the craft and Lane in the process, the crowds below cheered and wondered who this frighteningly noble creature was. 

     Able to conceal his true identity thanks to his monstrous masquerade; Lane grateful thanked her savior and coined his now famous persona #TheBehemoth, because of his appearance and unimaginable abilities.  Soon after, #TheBehemoth began fighting against Luthor's criminal forces. 

     Wilson Luthor is a brilliant villain who made his millions selling advanced weaponry to the highest bidders.  Although most knew him as a selfless billionaire philanthropist, Clark and Lane had uncovered his dealings as the nefarious Kingpin.  #TheBehemoth was winning the war against his nemesis until Luthor joined forces with the most powerful and insidious terrorist organization in the history of the world, the newly resurrected Legion of Hydra; whose vile members were so impressed with Luthor's presence and power they immediately made them their leader. 

     Now with nearly unlimited finances and resources, in addition to the assistance from a mysterious and mighty alien being know only as The Dark Titan, The Legion of Hydra threatens to take over the world or destroy it, whichever comes first.  That was until, Nick Gordon recruited #TheBehemoth to join his new team; the #LeagueofAvengers, a group of uniquely powerful individuals determined to stop the forces of evil and dedicated to the principles of Truth, Justice, and Freedom.

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