Monday, March 28, 2016

The origins of #Athena...amalgam of Thor & Wonder Woman


    #Athena, daughter of Zeus, a motherless offspring who burst forth from her father's forehead, brought art, wisdom, and literature to ancient Greece.  A valiant but cautious warrior, she was given the gifts of an unbreakable mirrored shield and enchanted sword, able to cut through any material both in heaven and on earth, by her half-brother Perseus.   Her beloved sibling ensured that Zeus blessed these crafts so that only someone as worthy as Athena could wield them. 

     Zeus' became more and more cynical about the fate of mankind, as humanity lost increasing interest and respect for their Greek Gods.  Angered by their lack of faith, he threatened to destroy every inhabitant of the planet he was charged with protecting.  Forced by her father's violent animosity, Athena led a revolution against him on Mt. Olympus that spanned the nine realms of the universe.   In the end, many of her fellow deities were destroyed, including her dear brother, but the victory was obtained.
     Zeus, though indestructible, surrendered to his daughter's demands to end the bloodshed and preserve their celestial kingdom.   The remaining Greek Gods forged a treaty with the kings of the earth to never again interfere in their existence.  Only Hades, Athena's one-time love and trickster ruler of the underworld refused to come into accord, and for that, he was stripped of all power.   Left with nothing more to oversee from the peaks of Olympus, Athena descended to earth to hide among the humans she so dearly cared for.   She denied her birthright and became an archeologist, so she could mortally protect the virtue of history.   But her heart still longed for her lost love; despite his devious ways.  

       For centuries she dwelled among humanity, unnoticed, continually changing her identity to hide her true legacy.   It was only until World War II began that she realized that she would have to intervene again, as an evil despot threatened the entire world with the assistance of his vile enforcers; The Legion of Hydra.   She joined a ragtag bunch of NATO rogues and helped destroy Hydra and its many heads.  After all, this version, though terrifying, was far less horrific than the monster she had faced with Hercules in the past.  

     But she was later betrayed by the leader of her team, in the hopes of capturing her and studying her god-like powers to duplicate and weaponize.   She quickly escaped the treachery and disappeared among the populous of war-torn Europe, never to be seen again.   The Legion of Hydra was later defeated by the #DarkAvenger and his team.  But Athena's comrades were killed by the very man who deceived her; murders that still haunt her to this day.  Her Judas would later flee with the intent to build his own army, becoming the notorious Andrew Forson, director of the Academy of A.I.M, a training ground for rogue scientists and mercenaries with no allegiance.   

    Disillusioned with the mortals she had sworn to protect; Athena became an antiquities dealer under various alias, feeling more comfortable among the cold and inanimate objects of the past than the self-destructive humans that she once sympathized with and fought her father for.  Today she is known as Diana Masterson, architect and art dealer.  

     But it was the day she met scientist Dr. Steve Foster that her entire world was turned upside down.  Dr. Foster had discovered undeniable evidence that Mt. Olympus and the Nine Realms existed, as well as, their Infinity Boxes, objects that held all the powers of the cosmos.    With her reputation preceding her, he came to validate the genuineness of an antique etching that gave the dimensional location of Mt. Olympus and instructions on how to build a machine that could generate a celestial doorway to it.   Recognizing the tablet and its author, Hades, who had scribed it to expose her home's location as vengeance against Zeus; Athena realized that if Foster could obtain the technology, then the entire universe could be in jeopardy. 

     Before she could act, a thief, calling herself The Lady Cheetah, stole the artifact for her secret benefactor.  Athena knew she had to recover it, but it required her to reveal all of her secrets and heritage to Foster.  After doing so, and with some convincing through a demonstration of her abilities, Foster agreed to assist her.  He contacted one of his friends, a trusted Agent of Justice, Phil Pennyworth; former British Intelligence and current partner of the recently resuscitated #DarkAvenger.  

     They meet with the leader of Agents of Justice, Nick Gordon, to formulate a plan to retrieve the dangerous item.  In the process, Gordon realized this could be the first mission for his newly assembled #LeagueofAvengers.  After informing #Athena of his newest task force, she agreed to join, with the understanding that once the tablet was destroyed, she could return to her life of anonymity.  And so #Athena dons her enchanted armor again, embracing her true persona as the goddess of Greece committed to the causes of Truth, Justice, and Freedom for all of earth and beyond.     

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