Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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Emma Stone ∞ as #Feast

From #TheCrux


Now that we have a moment, soaring to safety, as an entire district
crumbles below us into total obliteration, let’s discuss Feast. First and foremost, she is Venae.

What you idiots call a vampire.

Not some sparkly, brooding, romantically sappy mortal concoction
that lonely housewives get all wet to. The overtly sexual vixen, barely clothed and perversely uninhibited, that pale white virgins, living in mommy dearest’s basement, get their rocks off to.
After all, I want to keep it fair and balanced.

No Feast is the real deal! She is full on, blood sucking, bone shattering, life taking, bad assing awesomeness wrapped in authentic medieval masochism. With skin as pale as newly fallen snow, sporting the attire of a feudal dominatrix, she implausibly exemplifies both savage barbarian and refined huntress. Her rigidly edged, onyx lined, crimson cape abounds from its simple and elegant collar gracefully flowing within the
currents her flight is forging. Hair as red as the blood, she amorously craves pulled back into a single twisted extension that runs half the length of her impressive cloak. It is impossible not to be solely captivated by her menacingly enticing beauty that utterly mesmerize with a single encounter.

She girds herself with the most eclectic of armament. A metal corset,its two halves fastened by a long piece of firm thread. The bladed bracers that conform to her lower arms have sliced and scarred her enemies for centuries. A rigid quiver made from mortal bone and stained with the blood of her prey hangs from the Celtic belt wrapped securely around her athletic waist. Skirt like faulds, made of unknown steel, drape from her waist, concealing her crimson-hued breeches. Her lower legs embraced by
strapped boots made from the hide of Griffin.

Yes, I said Griffin but no time for that now.

As stated long before, she is an elite archer. Her arrows are mystically blessed by a nameless Elder. They find their target wherever it may go, as long as she wills it so. Once spent, they esoterically rematerialize, giving her a limitless arsenal. Their tips can pierce and shred any manner of tangibility and construction. If they break the flesh of any entity, mortal or otherwise, death is guaranteed.  Of course, as we just learned, they don’t so well against Elemental Fire.  She is the ultimate predator, able to expertly fly, move at speeds that  rival light and attack with the ferocity of a rabid hellhound. Her hauntingly vacant yet irresistibly alluring eyes enrapture any unwilling soul in an instant. There is no exodus from her intoxicating stare. However, in battle, they violently transform, rolling over to pitch black when she inflicts her surgically horrific wrath.


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