Saturday, July 16, 2016

The top ten reasons why you should be reading ‪#‎TheCrux‬ ‪#‎Sciencefiction‬ you deserve...

10) ‪#‎Dolly‬ is a Lizzie Borden/Frankenstein mashup...

In her "Hunger Games," she will literally eat you!

9) ‪#‎Illuminaires‬ are creatures made of pure human emotions, both good and evil. ‪#‎Illuminaries‬ are beings of light, blessed with beauty and flight. They exemplify all the wonder that humanity can possess. ‪#‎Venae‬ are #Illuminaries who were consumed by the darkness of humanity and therefore, developed an insatiable bloodlust for both their radiant kin and mortals. So, both the fairy and vampire myths were born. In the "Twilight", ‪#‎Feast‬ glistens too, but only after bathed in the blood of her victims.

8) ‪#‎Penance‬ is an ‪#‎Illuminaire‬, who is darkness incarnate; a psychotic fairy capable of horrendous power. She was created by ‪#‎Fate‬ to destroy the #Venae after they murdered all of their radiant sibs. Her mission would have been a complete success if not for a young #Venae, who refused to die; their stalemate eventually resulting in her self-imposed exile.

7) The legend of the Grim Reaper was literally the result of a practical joke committed when #Penance was in one of her more jocular moods; a rarity, and for good reason.

6) ‪#‎Etheria‬, or death, has a sister named ‪#‎Wilt‬, who she tricked into being her partner in #TheCrux. While #Etheria covets the souls of evil men, her darling sis ensures their bodies decompose, hence her title. #Wilt is an over sexualized ghoul who hates her sib, with a limitless intensity, for what she has done to her.

5) ‪#‎Time‬, ‪#‎Space‬, and ‪#‎Reality‬ are all children of the cosmos or ‪#‎Firmamentia‬, subject to their adopted mother #Fate. #Fate controls the existence of all life forms but finds humanity the most difficult to manage.

4) The most powerful force in the universe is Fear. As the ‪#‎Navigator‬ so eloquently puts it...

"Because fear is such a potent force it transcends beyond any comprehension. It was fear that birthed the universe, conceiving the concepts and tactics of war. Fear birthed the entire spectrum of emotions emerging from its own distended belly. Every feeling, desire, and compulsion we share was thrust into existence by fear; it is the singularity that spawned all humanity would mature to be. Love comes from the fear of loneliness and desolation. The fuel and fire of hate and rage burn from its incendiary existence. Jealousy is forged from the fear of inferiority and failure. Insecurity would starve without suckling its tit. Compassion’s strength comes from a determined rebellion against it. Joy springs forth after escaping its merciless undercurrent. Passion, lust, and greed placate its parasitic nature like a charlatan’s potion masking the symptoms of a greater disease and anesthetizing the torrid torment of selfish shame. As for pride, fear is its instigator, deluding the mind with grandeur to oppress the irreconcilable truth of our eventual fallacies. Fear is what expedites evolution, as it unveils the price and emptiness of mortality. It gives survival its spirit and form, providing libations that intoxicate our inhibitions allowing us to drunkenly and bravely face oblivion, foolishly believing we can avoid its claim to our souls.”

3) The ‪#‎Fleshworld‬, our dimension, is monitored and controlled by a sophisticated, four armed, alien cyclops called the #Navigator.

2) Every human fear manifests itself into an actual entity in #TheCrux. This process is a pressure valve to ensure humanity is not overwhelmed by their own phobias. Every ‪#‎Crux‬ #Citizen, as they are called, has a human twin, or #Didymus. In #TheCrux, the two look vastly different, as one can imagine. However, because humans refuse to see beyond their finite understanding, #Citizens look like their #Didymus if they were to enter the mortal realm. If a #Didymus dies, the #Citizen dies as well. This consequence affords two purposes. One, to avoid a #Citizens' attempt to invade the Fleshworld and kill his twin to take its place. Two, #Citizens are so powerful that it is far easier to kill their mortal counterpart if that is required.

1) #Ronin is a fourth wall breaking, grizzled old west lawman, #Remade in #TheCrux after he died. After centuries of watching humanity repeat the same mistakes time and time again, and immortality wearing his sanity thin, he remains a #Marshal, the policing element of #TheCrux, only because he has nothing else to do. He's the kind of hero only the villain roots for.

And that's only 10...wait until you dig in and experience the rest!

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