Monday, September 12, 2016

#JustaQuickiePlease: The Jill Tales Teaser Comic Review

There aren't a plethora of new titles filling the shelves of your local comic shop; as most are inundated with a glut of reboots and reimaginings as opposed to original, edgy, and quality storytelling.  Gregbo Watson's The Jill Tales, however, is a refreshing new concept that infuses local lore with stunning illustrations and quirky humor to a market saturated with the status quo masquerading as innovation and diversity.  The pace, tone, and artistry invokes the nostalgia of such classics as Johnny Quest while definitively invoking an Indian Jones/Tomb Raider palpation.  Now, keep in mind, this is a teaser, so its plot is base, but still extraordinarily entertaining with an intriguing sneak peak at the origins of the central character.   The coolest element of this virgin series, however, is its authentic attempt to create a strong feminine character who connects with audiences by successfully presenting a sincerely intelligent, powerful, and beautiful woman instead of an hyper-sexualized stereotype who feels more like she is written by an oversexed male rather than an artist who is truly trying to capture the complexity of the female spirit.  This is a comic I would be proud to let my daughter read, and if you know me, that says a lot.  My only complaint is that I would have loved to see this presented in full color, but being an introduction to the franchise, I fully understand the logic behind that decision.  I can't wait to see what Gregbo Watson does in the official first and then following editions.  4 out of 5 Kernels: look out world, Jill is kicking down the doors of the clich├ęd and boring and taking names.

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